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APRIL 2014

Hey punks! Lot's about to happen! First - Website is down for a couple weeks while i get my shit together, apologies but it is a major pain keeping up on everything. Hopefully it will be worth all the work and it will stay maintained from here on out. Second! - Records! Hellshock - Low Men in Yellow Cloaks EP is coming out next few weeks - Vivid Sekt NEW EP - vinyl is in, waiting on sleeves - PDX Vol 4 comp is almost out! PLUS Japanese classic Disarray is getting a proper reissue (12" of both ep's + cassettes) - and this is just the tip of the iceberg... As Eu's Arse is going on tour in May - We are reissueing both the full EP and split w/ Impact! + tons more... So keep in touch - We will continue to do the New Arrivals mailing list while online shop is down, write blackwaterpdx@gmail.com to get on it! Cheers!

MAY 2013

Long time for an update... but here's what's going on. Bellicose Minds LP is out now, Framtid is on way, should be by the 25th. We will have the online shop back on by the 25th as well. We've been trying to put up a ton of inventory but it's a tedious task for online and is hard to find the time with everything else going on here. Hope you will enjoy all the new stuff coming, keep checking back and ENJOY THE SUMMER! .

APRIL 2012

Test Pressings for Ripper - Death Rider e.p. have shown up and were approved. still waiting on the final artowrk but the release date should land around the middle of the month. Bi-Marks e.p. and PDX comp. Vol. 3 are at Golden mastering and should be headed for the pressing plant the end of the month. PDX comp. vol. 4 is currently being sonicly manipulated by Audio Siege mastering. it should go to Golden mastering next week. Vol. 5 is waiting for the final track to be recorded next week. a pro version of the Death Machine demo is in production right now as well and should be back in a few weeks.
* news on the new Black Water records. location is set. should be moving and starting preliminary work on the space this week.
mailing list will be ready along with new on-line distro format. lots going on right now....
*new distro format launched
*PDX - pdxsubvert show listing


Quick heads up, as we are still stuck in storage and unable to fill most orders. sorry but please be patient as we are very close to finding a new space. there will be tons of new stock when we do reopen so keep checking back! thanks!


Blackwater Records will be temporarily closed for November and December. We were hoping to keep the distro open but this unfortunately can't happen. We are relocating and everything will be in storage. Please check back often as the store will reopen and have a ton of new titles and a few new Blackwater releases! Thank you for you patience!!


label news. the ESTRANGED - type foundry / singles l.p. hit some snags with pressing plant and printer delays (as usual) the inserts and the color vinyl are here and the covers along with the rest of the vinyl are scheduled to arrive the end of this week or early next week. ROTTEN CADAVER inserts have also arrived. DISTURD - isolation... 7"; HELLSHOCK ghosts of the past demo 12"; ROTTEN CADAVER - hi-jacked reality 12" are all in mastering and should go to the pressing plant any day now. VAURIO - huuto yosta reissue is about 90% done on the layout end. i'm thinking it will be sent off in the next omonth or so giving it a release date of december/january. after the upcoming HELLSHOCK european tour. NERVESKADE will also be recording for a new 12" this next month. i'll post info on the releases page soon. new HELLSHOCK album will go to pressnext week along the the HELLSHOCK - singles double l.p. both should be out by the tour in november....


JULY 2009

*masters for the new DISTURD 7" arrived. holy shit this record is amazing!!!! can't remember the last time i was this blown away by a record. still waiting for the artwork, hopefully this will be finished this fall.

WARCRY - demo 12"s have arrived. one time only press of 1,000 with 200 lmtd copies available through the band at shows only (don't order them through me i can't sell them) ltd version is on purple vinyl with numbered obi.
ROTTEN CADAVER - hi-jaked reality 12" and VAURIO - hutto yosta coming next!!!

o.k. so i've been posting updates to the distro on a pretty regular basis now and so far so good. lots of cool stuff in lately especially in the used t-shirt dept.... shops starting to come together as well. looking closer to being finished each day. i'll try and get some pics up here in the next few weeks. my hours are still pretty sporadic because of work and other things but i'm still there just about every day. ---on the label front--- WARCRY - demo 12" should be ready soon. expecting the vinyl any day now and the covers have already been here a few weeks. ROTTEN CADAVER 12" is with john golden so now i just have to wait... ESTRANGED - type foundry session I (singles l.p.) has had the tests approved and should be finished in a few weeks. AUTISTIC YOUTH new record is just about fnished being recorded and sounds great!!! been working on the VAURIO - huuto yosta layout for a while now and it's seeming to be just about ready to go to press. hopefully i'll be able to send it off in the next two weeks ... oh and DISTURD has shipped their new record to Portland, as soon as it arrives assuming everything is ready to go i'll be sending it off.... also, the new HELLSHOCK album is just about finished. expect this one out in september....


JUNE 2009

been 6 months between updates. between tours and work i'm just now getting around to catching up with the site, should be more consistent from here on out. for starters the distro has finally been updated. Black Water office has been moved out of the basement at 12th and Ash and into the front room on the corner of s.e. 20th and morrison (which also houses a punk recording studio and rehearsal spaces for warcry/the estranged/lebenden toten/nerveskade/deathcharge/red dons etc., quite a busy place in the moment) no office hours at the moment, if i'm there the doors will be open and so far i'm there every day in the afternoon. (as far as records for the distro go. locals get first dibs before they get updated to this site) ditro has been updated today (including new arrivals/used records and shirts)

- CATCH-UP.... left off on the DEATHRAID l.p.'s. these came out great! got some left of the gatefold version. next pressing will be standard and thus a good amount cheaper, don't miss out on this one. L.I.F.E. - warning 7" came and went. this record is now sold out, repress iis in the works. DEPROGRAM zine vol. 1 is also out now, came out better than i had hoped thanks to the folks at 1984 printing!! WARCRY - nausea 7" is out (released by the band) and i got the jackets for the WARCRY demo 12" from stoughton along with tests for the vinyl. tests should be approved the end of the week. in order to assure the HELLSHOCK/AGE split 7" making it into the u.s. i bought a large portion of the press off HG:FACT. down to the last copies of these...


Deathraid jackets iserts and lmtd covers are ready for the tour, once again the pressing plants have dropped the ball and not sent the vinyl. so it's gonna be 50/50 that they'll have these kick ass L.P.'s on their west coast tour...



Deathraid jackets showed up today... I expect to have the record out by the end of next week... layout for Vaurio reissue and Attaque Sonoro comp. and Rotten Cadaver 12" are almost finished, those will go to press immediatly following the release of the L.I.F.E. 7"
* finally got all the content for the Deprogram zine done today. i'll finish the layout this week and hopefuly have it sent off to be printed while i'm on the LT tour. that will be out mid January...

word from the pressing plant is that pressing plant delays and color vinyl shortages are no longer an issue. all jobs shoudl be back on track beginning with the L.I.F.E. - warning 7" tests are expected early December...

DEATHRAID l.p. should be out next week. in time for their upcoming west coast tour. Autistic Youth/Cola Freaks records have arrive and are almost sold out.
L.I.F.E. - Warning 7" as well as the lmtd versions of the PDX comp. 7" and Autistic Youth / Estranged split 7" are all delayed. certain pressing plants are way too backed-up so i'm gonna try and order the plates and have them done somewhere else.... until these are finished all other records will be delayed...
DEPROGRAM zine is about 90% finished. it will be done the first week of December but since i'll be away for tour the 1st issue won't be out uinil Febuary.


DEATHRAID tests showed up today. once the band approves them they will go to press. expected to be done by December...

the vinyl and the covers for the Autistic Youth/Cola Freaks arrived. still waiting for the inserts to show up. i'm expecting them monday.... I've posted some info on upcoming releases in the releases section. do not order these records until it says they're done. some of them won't be out until next summer. and since i'm still waiting on the L.I.F.E. 7" among others they will probably be delayed...

The Lebenden Toten info/tour page is now up. To check it out click here. A link to this page can also be found on the contact page as well.


Final Warning 7" is out now. i have a handful of copies right now. as the rest of the covers are supposed to show up early next week. there are 100 lmtd versions that will be available for $7 each plus postage. for those who missed the show.... it was great!! also the used list on the distro page has been updated. i'll be adding stuff and updating periodically...

next up is the L.I.F.E. 7" and Vaurio l.p.. Rotten Cadaver 12" and others will be in the works as well....

*other news. Lebenden Toten new 12" tests were approved, Warcry - nausea 7" tests were approved. Hellshock has also finished recording for the split 7" with A.G.E. scheduled release date is January

Deprogram zine is almost finished. i still have 2 more interviews left to put together (vaurio and final warning) i'd say it'll be done by the end of the year.... (making it about 3 years to finish one issue....ha!)

Estranged/Autistic Youth splits are out now. Blowback repress has also arrived. Final Warning 7" tests came and have been approved. the record sounds great, so far they're still on schedule and should arrive before the portland show on the 20th! L.I.F.E. - warning 7" has been mastered and is now at the pressing plant. tests should arrive shortly.

*Hellshock is about half way through the current recording session. mostly demos for an upcoming l.p.. one song will be used as 1 side of a split 7" with A.G.E. from japan to be release by hg:fact for the japan tour in spring '09
*Warcry - nausea 7" is being remastered. record should be out in a month.
Lebenden Toten new l.p. and 7" is at the mastering plant. should go to press next month....



PDX comps. are out now! vinyl for the Estranged / Autistic youth 7"s are finished. just waiting for the covers to show up. lmtd versions on both the split and the comp should be done by the end of the month. Blowback l.p.'s are sold out but i'm ordering more soon. L.I.F.E. - warning 7" and final warning 7" reissues are both in the pressing plant. still waiting for tests but i'm expecting both to be done the begining of september... FINAL WARNING will be playing at Satyricon on september 20th. it's their 1st show in about 20 years!!! line-up is: WARCRY; GUIDED CRADLE(CZECH);AUTISTIC YOUTH; STREETPLANT. i'll be selling about 200 records out of my personal collection at this show, and only at this show, don't miss out....

*in related news. the new warcry - not so distant future l.p. is out as well as the warcry- nausea c.d. e.p., vinyl for this will be available soon. Lebenden Toten has also finished recording for a new 12" and 7" that will be out in time for the upcoming tour in December. Hellshock will go into the studio the end of August to record for an upcoming record.


JULY 2008

ON TOUR WITH THE ESTRANGED - U.S. 4 WEEKS... Lebenden Toten 2 shows in san franscico & Gilman / Warcry 2 weeks in japan / Hellshock 2 shows n canada. things will be a little slow this month...

JUNE 2008

  • Blowback - Living Vibration is out now (including lmtd versions) lmtd Forca Macabre is available as well
  • PDX Comp. 7" and the Estranged / Autistic Youth E.P.'s will be picked up along the way of the Estranged / Red Dons tour that's going on right now. I'd imagine they'll be selling them by the L.A show the 4th week in June
  • Also new is the Autistic Youth Cola Freaks split 7" I should have these I'm thinking by the end of the month. But only a short amount I think something like 300 so they'll go fast.
  • For those still wondering about the L.I.F.E E.P, well due to an excessive amount of touring it's been delayed. The L.I.F.E E.P along with the Final Warning reissue will be sent off to the mastering plant the 1st of July. Both will be out by the Final Warning show this fall.... (yep that's right Final Warning will be playing a show again in pdx so don't miss out!!)
  • Lots more news coming including that Rotten Cadaver but it'll have to wait until next months update...... (also the black water distro is on tour with the Estranged / Red Dons so it's probably gonna be the best place to pick up records until i get back home.... oh an there's a new Warcry 7" that'll be available at shows and for the upcoming japan tour in july. it's self released which means you'll be able to get copies from here...

MAY 2008

  • FORCA MACABRA - AQUI O E INFERNO L.P's are done and selling out fast. there are also lmtd versions of this record available for $10 each. they look amazing!
  • BLOWBACK - tests for the BLOWBACK - Living Vibration L.P. have arrived and are waiting for band approval. lmtd covers are being printed this week along with obis and a tour card for the upcoming west coast tour. those will be ready by the first show in portland on the 23rd of May!
  • THE ESTRANGED / AUTISTIC YOUTH 7" and the PDX COMP. 7" - tests for the PDX comp. and the Autistic Youth / Estranged split 7" have also shown up. I'm also just waiting for the final go ahead on these and they'll go to press as well. Covers for the pdx comp. are already finished and the estranged /ay split should be done by next week. both are expected out by the beginning of the estranged / red dons tour beginning May 28th and will also be available for the autistic youth european tour in june.
  • Received the lisence for the VAURIO L.P. reissue along with a bunch of extras that will be included not on the original pressing. just waiting for some liner notes from the band and that will go to press. i'm expecting that to be out by the end of the summer. lots of tours coming up ths summer. don't forget to check the tour page updates!

March 2008

  • FORCA MACABRA - AQUI O E INFERNO l.p. is just about done. covers and inserts are expected to arrive the end of march and the vinyl soon after. lmtd covers will be printed this month as well and they'll be selling both versions on their upcoming east coast tour of the u.s.
  • ACROSTIX - TRUTH TURNED GRAY... 7" lmtd versions if finally available in a short run of 200. these will be gone shortly so don't miss out!
  • THE ESTRANGED / AUTISTIC YOUTH 7" and the PDX COMP. 7" are both at john golden and should be mastered by the end of the month. these are both expected out by mid april, there will be release shows here in Portland for both records.
  • THE ESTRANGED - fast train/masses 7" repress arrived
    -lots of bands touring the u.s. this summer. check the tour dates and don't miss out!

February 2008

  • Lmtd version of the Acrostix 7" is being printed this week
  • Represses of the Estranged 7"and Acrostix 7" were sent out today.
  • Sent the PDX 7"comp. and split with Autistic Youth and the Estranged out today
  • L.I.F.E. - Warning 7" art and music are here. those will go out in march
  • Received the music and artwork for the new Blowback album that will be out for their tour with Severed Head of State this summer. should be rad! (still waiting for the insert art)

January 2008

  • AGE - scar of lead l.p. - 1,000 pressed (sold out) limited version available.
  • Got the master and the art for the new L.I.F.E. 7". Should have everything ready to go to press in March. it's some pretty killer stuff!!!!
  • Acrostix - truth turned gray with justice 7" (sold out/repress ordered). limited version available end of February
  • the Autistic Youth - empty eyes 7" is now out!!
  • the Framtid - under the ashes l.p.'s are now sold out......i'm working on doing another 1,000 for those who missed out....
  • Rotten Cadaver 12" is getting closer to being done. recording and most of the layout is ready to go, i'm just waiting for the Sugi to finish the cover art and it'll be off to the plant, deadline for the art is the end of the febuary. another PDX punk masterpiece.
  • Forca Macabra l.p. is ready. at the pressing plant, lmtd version will be laid out the end of the month. it will be out for their east coast tour.
  • Still waiting for the last bit of the Final Warning 7" reissue liner notes and the that one will be ready to go.....
  • the Estranged 1st single, is done! there is a gig only version available at shows...
  • Totalitar / Autoritar 7" is sold out, it won't be repressed.
  • PDX comp. 7" with the Estranged; Autistic Youth; Sleepwalkers R.I.P.; and the NIX is at the plant. should be out the end of march.
  • Small and final represses of the Bomb Heaven single done in April
  • Consume/Hellshock 7" plates arrived today from Germany. plates will have to go back to germany because they can't be used here.... that pushes it back to mid summer....
  • Acquired license on the ATAQUE SONORO comp. just have to wait for the masters and it'll go to press. it'll be a one time only press of 1,000 like all the Attaque frontal stuff i'll be reissuing. MASSACRE - out of the womb l.p. is next along with the Lixomania 7"!!!. planned release dates this summer for both records.
  • BLOWBACK   new l.p. recording is done and here. easily their best stuff. it will be an awesome record out for their u.s. tour this summer!
  • Estranged/Autistic Youth 7" is at the plant and the art is about 90% done. should be out by april at the latest...
  • Still waiting for the masters to arrive for the  MASSACRE L.P. and LIXOMANIA 7". should be out this summer.
  • Been working on reissuing the VAURIO L.P. for the last few years and it seems i've finally made some headway. Masters should be arriving soon and that record will go to press this summer. lmtd one time press of 1,000






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