Latest news

July 1st 2024

Portlands own POISON IDEA have another reissue – this time one of our favorite albums “WE MUST BURN” from 1993. TKO have done a fantastic job (seriously, pictures cannot do these sleeves justice!) and added a bonus LP w/ tracks from RELIGION & POLITICS, LIVE from 92 and a WIPERS cover. Black Water has the exclusive color variation for YELLOW and GREEN (though it looks more blue to me…) vinyl. Only available from Mailorder (while they last) and in-store! International friends – please just email us your order w/ address and we’ll handle order from there. This record will go on sale TUESDAY – JULY 2ND. Don’t miss our new releases as well – (see below)

June 29th 2024

Lots happening this week. We’re excited to announce 3 new arrivals dropping this week. Debut LP’s from our friends ZONE TROOPER and
MALAKILI. Along with Germany’s TAIFUN EP – a very limited release.
You can order them now and we will ship them as they arrive this week!
We will also have a special exclusive record release coming this TUESDAY – JULY 2nd – you will not want to miss! Stay tuned!

April 10th 2024

Welcome to Spring! Lots kicking off so lets get started…
Siege Fire LP is out now! Check below for the limited or regular pressing. Devastating crust attack!
Grisaille EP is still available – and speaking of… We still have a couple copies of the Prisonnier Du Temp LP’s (see below) – one of our favorite releases from France. Not to be missed
We also uncovered enough pieces of the Totalitar / Autoritar split EP on Black Water to assemble some unplayed stock copies. Spring cleaning has its benefits. Also don’t miss out on the other Totalitar titles in stock….
Some killer new records are in the works right now – The Malakili LP and Zone Trooper LP.

March 1st 2024

US Pressing of GRISAILLE EP is now available! Europe – you can get your copy from Symphony of Destruction (FRANCE). We are working hard on a few more records to be out very soon!

January 2024

Lazer Bullet EP is now out – limiteds are going fast. Don’t miss out on the Chueko and Death Ridge Boys EPs and Daydreams LP!
Thanks for everyones patience during the ice storm – mailorder is still running – just a little slower. Things are clearing up and we don’t expect any further delays.
Lots still around the corner – stay tuned!

December 2023

So long 2023 – but before it ends – 2 new EP’s are available in the shop.
Chueko – Tools of Oppression EP
Death Ridge Boys – Society Overdose EP
Check out the webstore for these. Lazer Bullet EP only a couple weeks out as well.
Also check out the Bargain Records link in the menu – a few of you seem to have noticed already. Feel free to email and tack on these records to your orders for shipping savings.

November 2023

Where does the time go?? The summer is over and we have a slew of new releases coming out this month – starting with Daydream’s new album ‘Reaching for Eternity’ – which is also available in Europe via Sabotage. Coming very soon… New Death Ridge Boys EP, Lazer Bullet debut EP & a couple more goodies. Stay tuned!

April 2023


We will be out of office 4.5.23 until 4.20.23. The mailorder is open but we will not pack up / ship until the week of the 20th. Also expect some delays in email response. Thanks for the understanding!

Catching up before leaving for the week – If you hadn’t noticed, we’ve had a slew of releases and reissues. Long Knife flew off the shelves – another reissue of black vinyl is in and available, Rigorous Institution Lmtds are sold out (black still available), Long Knife reissues of “Meditations On Self Destruction” and “Wilderness” are out. Not to mention – War Goes On reissues for both their phenomenal albums. Death Ridge Boys also have a new 12″ 45 – “Boots on the Streets” a remixed version of their cassette that destroys! Unrelentless! Last but not least – the latest offering from Genogeist – Technophobia EP. There’s more to come – we’ll update more often! Cheers!


Long Knife/Decomp are back from tour – Thanks to everyone who helped out and came to the shows! Mail order is catching up – if you ordered in the last few weeks your records are on their way!

Long Knife – Wilderness LP, Meditations On Self Destruction LP & War Goes On – Assisted Armageddon LP (US Press) are now out. Color vinyl on Long Knife thru mail order only! More to come…


Long Knife is on tour USA East Coast – Starting the 4th in NYC and wrapping up in Boston the 13th. Come say hi and grab one of those limited records!
Mailorder is on hold until we return from tour! We will ship them the week of the 14th. Totally fine to order but expect a little delay. Thanks for your patience and understanding!
Decomp will also be on tour soon – keep an eye out for dates.
More news to come… lots of records arriving so keep an eye out mid Nov for store update!

September 2022

Long Knife – Curb Stomp Earth is now out! Limited edition (Orange) is available through us at mailorder. Beach Impediment Records has limited blue and if you catch the band live you can get the gig only clear vinyl (East coast tour November). Rigourous Institution regular edition is sold out – H3D is sold out and Hellshock is going fast – order before we are out!

The War Goes On (Denmark) represses are right around the corner + Genogeist and Andy Place & the Coolheads EP’s too. Lots more to come.

Cassette versions of Hellshock, Rigorous Institution, and Decomp are out now (adding to mailorder soon..) – Email for wholesale.

August 2022

Summer is flying by! The Hellshock LP is out and selling quick – with an East Coast tour to support starting August 10th in Durham, NC and ending at Skull Fest.
We will not be shipping any mail order between Aug 8 and 22nd. Thanks for your patience!
Rigorous Institution will also be on tour on the East Coast.
See the tour posters below.

JUNE 2022

Crazy month so far, tons of releases showing up. Some of which have been in production the last two years. Syndrome 81 – prisons imaginaires lp is out today, lmtds should be available by the end of the month. Rigorous Institution – Cainsmarsh and Decomp – condemned to earth lp’s are selling fast. Horrendous 3D, Ripper wasteland lp, Dials ep, Andy Place and the Coolheads lpare all out now and should be available on the web store and through distros by the end of the month as well. The new Hellshock lp should be out the first part of July followed by the Long Knife – curb stomp earth lp War Goes On records most likely will be the 1st week in August. Got a few shows coming up at the venue in July as well:
July 3rd – Brain Tourniquet / Hologram / Lazer Bullet
July 23rd – Nightfeeder / Horrendous 3D / Alienator

May 2022

Couple more shows in the books and starting to get back to a regular schedule of booking events at the venue. Both the Chisel/Long Knife/Death Ridge Boys and the Poison Ruin/Rigorous Institution/Instruct shows were great. Rigororous Institution – cainsmarsh record release in the books and the records came out great! Decomp – condemned to earth record release show is set for June 18th w/ Frenzy and Brain Squeeze and should be killer! both the lmtd versions of the Rigorous and Decomp lp’s should be ready by next week.
Dilas ep vinyl is in and the covers for those and the Horrendous 3D ep’s are ready and should be out soon. Andy Place and the Coolheads and the Ripper – wasteland vinyl arrived this week and are both waiting for jackets to arrive. all of these should be out in June. Dials and Coolheads should be ready in time for the Riffs reunion show June 30th.
Syndrome 81 – prisons imaginaires is on schedule and will be out June 17th.
The War Goes on 1st and 2nd lp’s will have n. american pressings out in June/July on Black Water
Hellshock – s/t lp and Long Knife – curbstomp earth are on schedule for July


1st Black Water show was a success! Been some years and it was exciting to see the possibility for us to be able to safely do shows again! Next show will be December 4th with Andy Place and the Coolheads, Dials and Puerta Negra! tickets available only at the Black Water Records store on Russell street. Vax and Masks required to buy tickets pre-sale only. Nightfeeder ep’s are finally out! Crushing release by these Seattle vets and selling fast. lmtd versions should be available mid month. It’s been another hectic year but we’re trying hard to catch up. lots of news coming soon. Also, don’t forget to check out the new City Noise shop in the Black Water #3 building (35th and Broadway). Killer punk shop run by some awesome punks! (link coming soon)

October 2021

Long Knife – curb stomp earth masters have been approved, this will be a split release with Black Water and Beach Impediment and should be out summer 2022. Lebenden Toten – near dark lp repress has arrived and will start shipping soon. all copies pressed on a clear black smokey vinyl.


first show back at Black Water scheduled for October 30th w/ Hellshock, Frenzy, Rigorous Institution! Horrendous 3D ep masters have been sent out and should be out summer 2022. Tests approved for the 2nd Ripper and coolheads LP. New ep for coolheads recorded and waiting for masters.


Ripper lp and Coolheads lp are scheduled for fall 2022 now because of plant delays. Dials masters have been sent out. this one for now at least is scheduled to be released May 2022

JUNE / JULY 2021

Recordings for the new Hellshock and Long Knife lp’s are finished and now waiting to be mastered. also in the works are new LP’s from local heroes Rigorous Institution and Decomp with ep’s from Dials, Horrendous 3D and a Black Water themed 7″ by Andy Place and the Coolheads!!

APRIL / MAY 2021

Pressing plant delays have pushed all of the planned releases for this year back indefinitely. Nightfeeder and Lebenden Toten will hopefully be out this year with the new Warchild – a question for today lp scheduled for December.

March 2021

Hakuchi lp’s are finally out! there’s a limited blue vinyl version available only through the webstore and directly from the record shop. the first 30 or so orders through the web store will be sent blue vinyl copies. Nightfeeder ep’s are delayed a bit but should hopefully be out by the end of the month. Warchild – a question for today lp is on schedule to be released in April. Masters for the Andy Place and the Coolheads lp and Ripper – wasteland lp’s have been sent off as well. both of those should be ready sometime in the summer. New Albums by Long Knife and Hellshock are also being finished up in the studio as well.

December 2020

Last update of the year Hakuchi best of lp still at the plant…Also a new ep by Nightfeeder from Seattle (deathraid/consume/disrupt etc.) is also at the plant. this one is on schedule to be out February as well. Construction at the studios is finally finished wrapping up. Just have some painting and organizing to do then should be able to focus back on the label and web store etc.


Hakuchi best of lp release was pushed back 3 more months by the plant. Shop is back open for regular hours again!


June and July were pretty brutal but we made it to August, record store is still closed. the building was robbed 3 times and has been under construction the past few months with some unfortunate set backs along the way.Construction should be finished sometime this month then we’ll start looking at some limited hours of being open. Recording studio has started doing some limited sessions and is still trying to figure out how to navigate things with social distancing etc. . Restaurant and Bar are take-out only for the rest of the year but it looks like we should be able to at least get through the next few months. Still trying to keep up on the web store and uploading as much inventory as possible but the construction has made it next to impossible to finish right now. There’s a few releases in the works and those should be seeing the light of day in September or October depending on the plants. Things have been rough for everyone but it’s been inspiring to watch people adapt and continue to support the underground community etc.

april 2020

Brick and Mortar part of the record store will be closed for the duration of the quarantine. in the meantime we’ve uploaded our entire inventory backstock to the web store. there’s hundreds of additional records up now, at some point we might try and run some “$1” record sales and post a text list on the site. we still have loads of stuff in the record store but it’s going to have to wait until we can figure out a way to get it online without overloading the store. some recordings at the studio that were scheduled this week wil be re-scheduled as soon as possible but look for new albums from long knife and hellshock to be recorded as soon as it’s possible . lmtdedition of the Warchild – no victory in death ep’s are screend and should be available any day now. Take care of yourself and stay safe!

March 2020

Warchild – no victory in death ep out now! 400 copies on black 100 lmtd will be available soon.

february 2020

web store Inventory updated witha few hundred extra titles

january 2020

Happy new year! finally updating the webstore. will be adding close to 1,000 titles from our back stock at the record store the next few weeks. then hopefully be able to put in some of the really cool stuff we have at the record store. going to at least try it and see how smooth things go. but the idea is to getmore of the inventory we have at the physical location on here.
Also have some release news coming February so keep your ears open for next months news!


Genogeist LP’s are up for sale. lmtd editions going fast, Same goes for the Death Ridge Boys new ep. Anniversary weekend went great, thanks to everyone who came out. those were some of the best shows of the year. still hard at work on the new warehouse spaces and remodelling the old record store/studio spots. got tons of collections in the shop this month. some of the best selections of 80’s punk and hardcore we’ve even had. if you’re in town stop in and check it out!


Anniversary shows coming up as well as release shows for the next two Black Water releases. Death Ridge Boys – don’t let them divide us ep’s are ready. lmtds will be ready for the show on the 23rd. Genogeist lp’s are just about ready to go. lmtd editions will be available at the show on the 22nd. 50/50 if the covers will be back for the show or the day after… (like normal record release shows…) really excited for December as well. the new warehouse we’ve been working on is almost completely finished and all the businessesthere have been up and running. i’ll post more news on that when i have more time (after the anniversary etc. also starting back on the record store inventory and there’s a tentative plan to start integrating the massive amount of back-stock and record store stock onto the web store. it’s in the thousands of records so it’s been quite a bit of work to do in between everything else. Anyway, lots of cool news coming in’s the list of bands playing this months anniversary show 21st-23rd. It’s going to be epic (and only $6 each show!!).
Day 1: Bi-Marks/Long Knife/Dead Hunt/Rigorous Institution
Day 2: Nightfeeder/Genogeist/Boiling Over/Horrendous 3D
Day 3: Vice Device/Public Eye/Death Ridge Boys (record swap noon-5 pm)


This year marks 20 years of Black Water existence. in various forms and activeness since 1999. 5 years for the Bar/Venue/Restaurant at 835 NE Broadway. working on a bunch of announcments this month but for now we have a couple days of bands and DJ’S and a record swap planned for November 21st-23rd. the line-ups include bands that have releases or have releases planned for the label along with some DJ’s etc. the record swap will be the 6th (?) one we’ve done and hope to start it up annually again. the swap is 12-5 on the 23rd of November. Also, don’t miss Dead Hunt on tour in Europe throughout October!


Genogeist lp tests have been approved (release date set for November 22nd) Death Ridge Boys – don’t let them divide us 7″ tests approved (release date set for November 23rd) got the tracks for the new Warchild – no victory ep and they rule! hopefully that one is out before the end of the year. working on the20 year anniversarry show for Black Water. nothing too crazy but should be a good weekend!


Rigorous Institution – penitent 7″ and Warchild – controll of atomic power 7″ are both out! just finished up the lmtd editions on both (only 100) they’ll go up on the site in the next week. most are already gone and these both should be sold out by the end of the month. lots of work went into them (especially the RI ones) pressings for both are 400 black / 100 color. Death Ridge Boys – don’t let them divide us 7″ should also be back in the next week or so. still working hard on completing this new warehouse space so i’m still behind on everythingwith the site and label but slowly making progress… – also Destripados – gutless cassettes are out now as well on Riposte.

JULY 2019

Finally some more news! Warchild – controll of atomic power 7″ and the Rigorous Institution – penitent 7″ have just shipped from the pressing plant and should be here mid July. both will have a limited run of 100 on color with extra sleeves available via the band, record store or mailorder (lmtd Vice Device is almost sold out). i’m about a month away from finishing the build-out on the new warehouse space and will be able to give an update on that when it’s finished. needless to say it’s a ton of workon top of an already heavy workload and has consumed a bit more of my time than i’d have liked. still keeping up with the label and shop in between though. there will be some cool news in the coming months as we approach 20 years since the inception of Black Water. in the meantime i’ll try and keep more on top of these updates…

March 2019

Missed the last month of updates, been crazy busy here as always with the studios and the restaurant/bar/venue. anyway, Tests were approved on the Vice Device – living textures LP so that one is set to be released May 25th. Arctic Flowers – straight to the hunter LP is out (released by the band). Black Water will be helping with distribution so get in touch if you want copies. Long Knife will be doing a short west coast tour mid April but we’ll still be trying to keep up on the web store updates. right now it’s still about 1/10 of what we have in stock but hopefully that will change soon. Bunch of other news coming soon, including release dates on the Rigorous Institution and Warchild ep’s.


1st update of the new year, 3 new releases go to the plant this week and should be back by March if all sticks to schedule, 1st is the debut ep by local metallic crust punks Rigorous Institution followed bykiller new 12″ from Swedish powerhouse Warchild. look for them to be touring the west coast in the spring. one of the best live bands going right now so you won’t want to miss them. Also excited to be able to release the first full length from local dark wave synth trio Vice Device.Going to be a busy year for new releases! Also great tours coming through in the next few months including a west coast tour from Syndrome 81 (France) in February.


Spending this month trying to update as many records to the webstore as possible. there’s a few thousand still to put up and it’s been slow going trying to catch up and keep up with the new stuff coming in at the same time. hopefully we can get most of them up by the end of the year. label is also just going to be catching up with the last few releases. the lmtd’s on the last 4 releases are moving fast and should be gone here in a short while. got some cool stuff in the works including a new ep by local favorites Rigorous Institution and another Warchild ripper! also might try and work on a few of those ancient reissues we were supposed to do years ago before the label had to take a break.
*Forward tour is over and was amazing for those guys, thanks to all who came out and supported them. next up will be a west coast tour for Syndrome 81 from France. 10 days in February so keep your eyes peeled for the dates!


New Forward – Apathy Kills People ep out now. 200 lmtd edition copies for tour and mailorder only, word is the tour copies are all sold out so just available through the record store and mailorder now. also just released, Death Ridge Boys – right side of history lp. members of criminal damage and talk is poison tragedy etc. this is a one time pressing of 500 with 100 lmtd mailorder copies. get them while you can.

October 2018

No Label news, just a lot of rad shows coming through, still playing catch up with the inventory on the web store. FORWARD from Tokyo will be on tour in the U.S. starting Halloween, west coast with Long knife, new ep release set for October 31st, also DRB release show and benefit for our buddy FOAT, show with Dead Hunt, Destripados, Lebenden Toten, and a bunch of other black water stuff. not a bad time to be in PDX. heads up, mailorder will be on hold until mid November while Long Knife is on tour.

September 2018

Destripados – Gutless lp is out. High energy Discharge / Chaos U.K. influenced Scandinavian hardcore punk. Like a high speed totalitar meets skitslickers, super raw and aggressive from start to finish. part of a new breed of PDX hardcore punks bands. these guys just finished tearing things up at the LatinX fest in new york. the lmtd edition of this one along with the Dead Hunt lmtd lp will be avaialble from the web store or in the record store by mid month.

August 2018

Dead Hunt lp is out just in time to support their west coast tour. One of the best hardcore metal punk bands around this lp shreds start to finish! Japanese hardcore meets Scandinavian. think twisted love child of Anti-Cimex/Wolfpack and Deathside. lmtd version available with alternate cover on colored vinyl. Also avaible now is the lmtd edition of the estranged/public eye split ep. and last copies of the pms 84 lmtd edition still available, at least for the next few weeks.The webstore is also up and running , starting out real slow on this one. just the stuff we have a decent amount of stock of. we’ll be integrating the newer arrivals into the shop as we work out the bugs and feel things out. If you’re in town and want to stop by and check things out we’re usually open 7 days a week from noon until 7.

June 2018

Here is the latest news punk. Internet Black Water is finally back! After spending the last years lost in the realms of the dark webway we’ve finally escaped the Chaos (or at least we are trying to). Syndrome 81 lp out now! super catchy pissed and angry Oi! from France. The Estranged – World of Birds/Frozen Fingers ep out now! Portland post-punk veterans the Estranged 1st releases in 5 years! plus the instant classic split ep with the Estranged and Public Eye. More news to come…