Send all mail, demo’s, rare records to:

Black Water Records
P.O. BOX 5223
Portland, OR

International Orders

We no are longer doing international orders thru the webstore. This is due to shipping costs and other challenges for our overseas friends.

We will happily point you in the direction of some awesome distros that carry our records. If that doesn’t work for you – send us an email ( and we will work with you to figure out a solution.

Let us know if you would like to carry our releases in your area.

Visit the record shop in sunny Portland Oregon

OPEN: Noon – 7pm (Everyday)

223 NE Russell St.
Portland, OR

Adult Crash – Denmark
AgiPunk – Italy
Radiation Records – Italy
Bad Habit – Australia
Insane Society – Czech
Sabotage – Germany
Destructure – France
Fight For Your Mind – France
Punk & Destroy – Japan
Record BoyRecord Boy – Japan
Record Base – Japan


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