Andy Place and the Coolheads – Feels Like a Dream


With this follow up of the full length, “In a Confusing Futuristic Bar”, the COOLHEADS are back with three new delightful tunes of their brand of powerpop rock n roll. The A side “Feels Like A Dream” is right on par with the exquisite song writing we’ve come to expect from this six piece powerhouse. Catchy and soulful with THIN LIZZY-esque guitar leads and delicate melodies. Side B begins with a faster, shorter number laden with keyboards, channeling their straight up punk roots while maintaining pure catchy pop melody. Wrapping up this slab is the “Black Water Commercial”, a quick jingle for the label/record shop/venue/bar/vegan restaurant. As this is a Blackwater release, it is impossible to not be biased, but accompanied with the video for said song, they really encapsulate what Black Water has to offer in Portland, Oregon! This will definitely be the poppiest release on the label this year, so if you crave CHEAP TRICK, DICTATORS, BRIAN ENO, and the Stiff Records catalog mixed into your punk, this one’s for you.
Black Water Records

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