Andy Place and the Coolheads – In A Confusing Futuristic Bar


Debut LP from beloved mainstay PDX rockers, THE COOLHEADS! Synthy, poppy, new wavey rock n’ roll hits that conjure up many influences from ENO or BOWIE to RAMONES or a less quirky DEVO. The whole album gives one a feeling of one hell of a Saturday night at a loud crowded rock n’ roll bar. It feels like taking the fourth shot of whisky on a very festive evening out with your best friends, as some alien DJ plays your favorite party tunes. So, yes, this is a very aptly named record. This is total pop, brilliantly written and magically produced/recorded. Clear vocals sang beautifully over some true head bobbin’, hooky as hell verses and chorus’, complete with wild guitar solos and great musicianship all round. The world could benefit from more bands sounding like this in 2022, though that is what makes Andy Place and company so unique. If ever you find yourself passing by a bar populated by a Coolhead, you know that is the spot to be, and these ten songs reflect that.
Black Water

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