D.S.-13 – Last Mosh For Charlie: Live In Umeå Hard Core


“16 tracks recorded live in the raw frozen blizzard of northern Sweden, 2015. No overdubs, no studio magic, no fu*ks given. This is hardcore punk. Limited to 500 copies on 3 different colors. All copies will come with a download that also includes the live video of the show these recordings came from.
There has NEVER before been a record so intensely Umeå Hard Fu*king Core, as these 22 minutes. From the 8 second soundcheck that opens the record, to the closing chaos of Dennis doing ”Steppin stone” with us as André fucking smashes the drums to pieces. You can hear every person in the crowd breathing, boozin’ and burpin’ between the songs. Every out of tune note is here for the world to hear. Kids shouting stupid sh!t, us saying stupid sh!t, people just grabbing the mic and screaming “ARRRRRRGH!” for no apparent fu*king reason. The singalongs, the stagedives, the lights in the ceiling crashing down – it’s all here. A night of total love and total musical destruction with an intensity few people in their 40’s can match. A memory to bring to the grave.”
Umea Hardcore

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