The Estranged / Public Eye – Split


Two bands from Portlands post-punk scene come together on one piece of wax with 1 song a piece. Moody post-punk on both sides. Public Eye (Autistic Youth) Redacted Memories is the follow up to their debut LP. a sort of lo-fi electronic rhythm travelling through layers of fuzzed out and synthed up guitars. the dystopian sounding recording is reminiscent of an 80’s sci-fi soundtrack with the driving beat of early post-punk songs. The estranged side features the final song from their recording session of their self titled 3rd lp. The songwriting continuing to build into more of the 60’s garage element while still retaining that early post-punk sound. The jangly rhythms and dark leads from the guitars coupled with the somber bass undertones and driving rhythm of the drums are staples of the estranged sound. “Sleepless” weaves seamlessly in and out of the dark and the light. Both tracks are just a teaser for what’s next as both groups have plans for upcoming albums in 2018.
Black Water

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