Genogeist – Technophobia


Hot off the heels from their epic full length from 2019, PDX crust mongers, GENOGEIST return with four brand new rippers. This EP is chalk full of killer riffs with relentless pacing, leaving little room to catch one’s breath before the next brutal assault or mid tempo banger. Add low growl vocals, ripping solos, topped with bleak disturbing lyrics dealing with the cybernetic void our world has been plunged into, and we have the ingredients to a perfect seven inch slab of unabashed crust.

The songs off this record carry on right where the lp left off, not straying away from the Japanese crust influences (such as SDS, EFFIGY, AGE, et al.), but embracing it even more.

The icing on the cake is the guest appearance of Natanya from TERMINAL CONQUEST adding her distinct vocals on “Desolate Realm”. Essential listening for fans of the genre, who like their riffs catchy but NOT melodic, as well as the music and lyrics full of rage, grief, and despair.
Black Water

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