Horrendous 3D – s/t


After much praise from the previous 7”, H3D is back with an equally powerful ep. Just as noisy and layered with distortion as one would expect, these four tracks seem a bit tighter with noteworthy riffage, while maintaining a level of pure fucking chaos. The addition of a new drummer giving the songs even more of a Discharge/Doom feel as opposed to the 1-2 1-2 beat, but the intensity remains the same. There are dirgey tempos that turn to blazing insanity before your feeble brain can even grasp what the hell is going on. All the while the vocalist vomits out low guttural spite, with topical well thought out lyrics. It’s refreshing to have a band of noise worshippers carrying the banner, and these fuckers hit the nail square on the head.
Black Water

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