Life – Proof Of Survival


After a successful European tour of the Japan in November 2014, HeartFirst is pleased to release the new 7 “EP from LIFE called” Proof of Survival. “LIFE are from Tokyo and their name stands for” Liberty Independence Freedom Equality. “The band has existed since the early days It was released in 1993 and released its first demo in 1993, but their records have been difficult or expensive to buy in Europe, and that’s changing now, with the EP releasing new recordings on HeartFirst, as well as re-releasing the band’s debut LP The new EP features – similar to the two PIG // CONTROL records – three fast smashers on one side and a long one – on the English label LA VIDA ES UN MUS Song on the B-side LIFE are finally a Japanese band on HeartFirst after KRIEGSHÖG in 2008. The current bass player of LIFE, Nori, already had bass on NUKEY PIKES in 1990 played, the very first record on HeartFirst ever. (Heart First Records)
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