Long Knife – Rip City Bonerpunk Classics Vol. 1


Portland, OR’s LONG KNIFE have spent the last 10+ years turning out some of the most well-crafted and unrelenting hardcore punk in North America, fusing the speed and ferocity of first wave USHC, the barely restrained chaos of Japanese hardcore, and the guitar heroism of classic Hard Rock to devastating effect. And with three albums, numerous 7″s and compilation appearances to their name, this is a band that’s never been content to rest on their laurels.

Rip City Bonerpunk Classics Vol. 1 compiles all of LONG KNIFE’s 7” tracks, including Possession, Sewers of Babylon, and Night of the Hunter, as well as songs from their split 7” with Japanese Hardcore legends FORWARD and several previously unreleased covers. The assembled material featured on Rip City is some of the most incisive, hard-hitting, and musically interesting Hardcore Punk available today.

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