Mercy Killings ‎ – Snuffed Out EP


A year after recording what would be the self titled EP, the lads of MERCY KILLINGS returned to the great state of North Carolina to lay down yet another sonic assault of hardcore punk. The resulting material proved to be even more vicious than the band’s initial effort, yielding five songs of the savage USHC that certain members have been known for producing for over a decade now with select nods here and there to other spots on the globe that have been known to influence good punk as opposed to shit punk. These guys are, thankfully, too purist and/or out of touch to even consider flirting with any of the cringe inducing trends and fashions that have plagued the genre as a whole in recent memory. Therefore, fans of well executed hardcore punk can rest assured that they will receive just that upon obtaining this slab.
Beach Impediment

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