Mob 47 – Self Titled (Flexi)


Festival In Rio , the first new composition that the re-set band put into the crowd during the first comeback trials of 2005. The song has all the classic MOB 47 attributes that a fancy old fan can expect. Cute rif, classic tempo, characteristically vocal singing. No bizarre but honest style work.

The following four songs are an archetypal version of chronically listened to the first EP, but with the original singing of Pera (later a member of Discard and Agoni ), which was not enough to experience the band’s first performance. Kärnvapen Attack and Rustning Är Ett Brott are probably the favorite compositions of all the band’s fans and, like the other two songs, they still have their uncut, original form and a slightly slower pace. Last but not least, Pear’s singing is somewhat more vicious, putting the record more into the line with the then standard Swedish offshore hardcore.
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