Pol Pot – Whole Mystery


This spanish band is another punk outfit riding the wave of, well… the dark wave…Actually, let me clarify…This is more like an analog version of the Neue Deutsche Welle / New German Wave. It’s sounds much like when some german punks transitioned into the synth world, but these are all played instruments. Old comparisons? The most obvius is WARSAW’s transition into JOY DIVISION, specially in the vocals, with a good dose of PARALISIS PERMANENTE. If you are into this sound, think a musically raw, stripped down TUXEDO MOON “No Tears” without synths (not the vocals) or POESIE NOIR’s faster jams like (sans horns) “Song of Innocence”. Again, these are real instruments. As opposed to the more goth-y ethereal stuff that has been coming out this genre, this record is a definetly more beat driven than most with good melodic flangy guitar, slightly noodly bass lines and drums that are very much in the forefront of the songs in driving the timing and changes. Lots of hi.hat here… Even the direction of this band is obvious, they aren’t afraid of delve into some more creative stuff here, that i can’t help but wonder what would sound like if it were in synth form. If you recently got into BELLICOSE MINDS or POPULATION, you will like this. The lyrics are in english, but the lyric sheet has the spanish translations. The last song on the record is a cover of GRAUZONE’s (post-GLUEAMS) “Eisbar”, which i thoroughly enjoyed. I have to say though: the name of the band is pretty terrible.
(Mariam Bastami, Maximum Rockandroll #345)
Urban Hell

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