Razor – escape the fire


Destruction’s commercial path as a band is fairly interesting; their first 2 albums were instant classics of the European thrash metal scene, and their works in the 21st century are consistently competent and aggressive. At the lead up to the nineties, however, the band was effectively on the precipice of either becoming something greater or irrelevant; sadly the latter happened. After a series of successful albums (Infernal Overkill, Eternal Devestation, The Mad Butcher EP) it released Release From Agony in 1988, a highly technical thrash album, which was critically successful. The band’s more technical direction, whilst garnering a great deal of praise, ultimately left fans cold, and this eventually led to the ousting of famed vocalist/bassist “Schmier”, which effectively marked the death of the band’s success all in one go. André Grieder of Poltergeist was drafted to replace him, but his less effective style and relative lack of charisma saw their next product, Cracked Brain, perform considerably worse commercially and critically. However, despite its failure in comparison to Release From Agony or their earlier classics, it remains an interesting and overall decent album on the merit of the remaining technicality of the songs, which would dissipate with their later albums of the 90s.
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