Tyrant – Release the Animal


TYRANT was originally conceived in 2016 as a studio project between American expat Will Kinser (BORN/DEAD, DOPECHARGE, DOUBLE-CROSS) and members of the delightfully unhinged Copenhagen HC band NIGHT FEVER.

2024 has seen this hard-edged Oi!/CORE cross the nebulous ether of studio project-dom and into the material plan, with TYRANT making their debut as a full fledged live band.

To honor TYRANT’s newfound status as a real life gigging unit, we found it fitting to reissue the Release The Animal 12” from 2023: a record that collects the band’s two self-titled 7” EPs from 2017 and 2022.

In case the front cover art isn’t enough to clue you in: TYRANT plays no frills, antisocial Hardcore, with plenty of nods to UK Oi! greats like BLITZ or 4-SKINS. Misanthropic themes like violence and degeneracy dominate the lyrics. With four-on-the-floor drums, shouted count-ins, nail-chewing lead vocals, bass breaks, glorious singalongs, blazin’ leads, and instantly memorable four-chord-ragers—TYRANT has everything you need and nothing you don’t.

With both the original 7” EPs and the 2023 12” long gone and already in demand on the collector’s market, this new pressing of Release The Animal will care of anyone that was too slow on the draw the first time around, as well as fans just now hearing about this crucial band.

2024 pressing of 400 copies on black vinyl.
Pressed at Cascade for supreme quality.

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