Hey punks! As we’ve been “organizing” around the shop, we have been pulling vinyl records aside and marking down many that have been sitting around a bit too long. Don’t be fooled – there are some killer records in here that could use a good new home. We are passing along the good deals now!


  1. Email us (blackwaterpdx@gmail.com) – with Subject – Bargain Records!
  2. Give us the list of records you want. (copy and paste from our spreadsheet)
  3. Please copy the entire row from our spreadsheet
    • EXAMPLE: Abc Weapons – Process of Decay – Endless Blockade – $5.00
  4. Provide us with your shipping address
  5. We will write back with records collected, shipping cost and total. Be patient – I’ll be doing the orders mostly on Saturdays.
  6. Send full payment via PayPal and once confirmed – we will ship.

This is a strictly First Come, First Get record scenario.

EP SPECIAL: Spend $60 get $10 off!
LP SPECIAL: Spend $110 get $10 off!


Bargain Records List

.fucking coms/tEPprank$1.00
.fucking coms/tEPprank$1.00
.fucking coms/tEPprank$1.00
16 B.U.H / Bimbo ShrineheadssplitEPFetvadd Recs$2.00
175 GramsThe Change Starts Now!EPRodent Popsicle$1.00
175 GramsThis Change Starts Now!EPRodent Popsicle$1.00
2000 ManiacsState College Hardcore 1984EPVicious Circle$2.00
2000 ManiacsState College Hardcore 1983EPVicious Circle$2.00
25 RiflesHistory of Flags EPEPSnappy Little Numbers$2.00
365 Dagar AV SyndReu nu pert em hruEPPhobia Recs$1.00
500mgVertical ApproachLPEclipse Recs$5.00
86’dDon’t Fuck With the PunxEPCommunirhaus Media$2.00
86ersWhiskey & SinEPHavoc$2.00
9 Shocks Terros/tEPHavoc$2.00
9 Shocks TerrorZen and the Art of Beating Your AssLPHavoc Recs$5.00
A Better Hope FoundationTrading Heroes for GhostsLPNew Age$4.00
A.T.W. / Senile CitizenssplitEPself$1.00
Abc WeaponsProcess of DecayLPEndless Blockade$5.00
Abi YoyosThis World is Not My HomeEPRiisk$2.00
AbnormiAvun HuutoEPIf Society$2.00
Abrasive wheelswhen the Punks Go Marching InLP$4.00
Abraxas Vakaliens/tEPThought Crime$1.00
Absolute RulersLive the DreamEPVinyl Warning$2.00
Absolute RulersLive the DreamEPVinyl Warning$2.00
Absurd Society / Malignant TumorsplitEPInsane Society$2.00
AbulsionPrince of a Thousand EnemiesEPHide the Bodies etc$2.00
AbuseI Guds Namn?EPConsume, Be Silent, Die$1.00
AbuseMordareEPCrust recs$1.00
Abyss / IconoclastSplit 2x7”EP?????????$2.00
Accion MutanteNo Hai RemedioEPProfane Existence$1.00
Accion Mutantes/tEPSkuld Releases$1.00
Acid Crees, the / Full of FancysplitEPCutesville Recs$1.00
Acrid / Bombs of DeathsplitEPNo Idea2$2.00
Across the BorderRare and Unreleased SongsEPTwisted Chords$1.00
Action Mutante / kurushimuSplitEPFontcore Recs$2.00
Acts of Sedition / Raw NervesSplitEPMan in Decline$2.00
Acts of Sedition / SurrenderSplitEPEnd Recs$2.00
AffrontFallen StarsEPPhyte$1.00
After the MassacreThe EndEPWasted Dream$2.00
Afterbirht / FilthpactsplitEP$2.00
Against Empire / HolokaustsplitEPThreat to Existence$1.00
Against Empire / HolokaustsplitEPThreat to Existence$2.00
Age of CollapseDeteriorateEPXenemyX Recs$2.00
Agresss/tEPVolatile Recordings$2.00
AHiroOne People, One Mind, Fight Fight FightEPAsian Man Records$2.00
AhismaThe Grueling Terror of…EPRock & Roleplay Recs$2.00
AjaxFree / Sick TerrorRe-Monsters splitEPBlinded Productions$2.00
AK 47 / RacaksplitEPSchancnaul recs$1.00
Akutares/tEPSchizophrenic Recs$2.00
AlarmeWalk Together, Thrash TogetherEPGive Praise$1.00
All ConfusionConstrictedEPDestroy$2.00
All is Sufferings/tEPScenester Credentials$2.00
All is Sufferings/tEPRenassanse$2.00
All Systems Fails/tEPLoder Brock$2.00
All Systems Fails/tEPLoder Brock$2.00
Allee Der Kosmonautens/tLPUnsociable Recs, etc$3.00
Allergic to BullshitTrain I RideEPHalf Day Recs$2.00
Allergic to BullshitYou and me….EPLeft Off the Dial$1.00
Allergic to MagicWhat We're For is What We'll GetEPLeft of the Dial$2.00
AmaltheaThe FallEPmoment of Collapse$1.00
American Cheeseburger / Canadian RiflesplitEPRock Bottom$2.00
American Ethics/tEPself$2.00
Anal Warheads/tEPLoud Punk$1.00
AnchorRelations of ViolenceEPRefuse Recs$2.00
Andy / Vaginal DischargesplitEPReality Impared, etc$2.00
Anemone Tube / Tender LovesplitEPSounds From Inner Space$1.00
Angsts/tEPHeart First$2.00
Angsts/tEPHeart First$2.00
Angst / IdoraSplitEPHeart First$2.00
Angst / IdorasplitEPHeart First$2.00
AnnoyanceYou Pave the Way to Your Own DestructionEPDehumanization Laboritories$2.00
Another Oppressive Systems/tEPSkit Recs$2.00
Another Oppressive System / Crossing Chaoss/tEPCries of Pain$2.00
Another Oppressive System / Crossing ChaosSplitEPCries of Pain$2.00
AnsRomancing the PhoneEPTxos recs$2.00
AnsThe Process of Stoking OutLPCowabunga Recs, etc$3.00
Anthem Eighty EightDefine a LifetimeLPNo Idea$3.00
Anti States/tEPViolent Cycle$1.00
Antichrists/tEPTrujaca Fala$2.00
Antisocial Behavior / Legion of DoomsplitEPSubordi-Nation$2.00
Any Last Wordss/tEPHavoc$2.00
Any Last Wordss/tEPHavoc$2.00
Any Last Wordss/tEPHavoc$1.00
Any Last Wordss/tEPHavoc$1.00
AOSs/tEPProfane Existence$2.00
Aphasias/tEPNot to Downtown$2.00
Apmnja Mpaka / NakotsplitEPDoomed to Extinction$2.00
ApologiaCondrete LocustEPELP and BMR$1.00
Appalachian Terror UnitArmageddon Won’t Be Brought by GodsEPProfane Existence$2.00
Arcatera / Reign of BombssplitEPObituary Recordings$2.00
Arctic Chokes/tEPThe Kids Will Have Their Say / To Live a Lie$2.00
Arma Contra ArmaLet No One Deceive YouEPLengua Armada$2.00
Armed and Hammered / Suckerpunchsplit ArmageddonEP$2.00
Arms Reach / ScalplocksplitEPShort Fuse$2.00
Army of JesusRats in the WallsEPself$1.00
Artimus Pyles/tEPPrank$2.00
Artimus Pyle / DialloSplitEPBusted Heads$2.00
ArtlessBeer is BetterEPVinyl Communications$2.00
Ash to Dusts/tEPVideo Desease$2.00
Ass-End OffendBecoming Our DestructionEPPoisoned Candy Recs$2.00
Ass-End OffendCharacter AssassinsLPWantage$3.00
Asschapels/tEPChapel of Ass$2.00
AsschapelFire and DestructionLPHungry Ghost$5.00
AsschapelFire and DestructionLPHungry Ghost$5.00
Assels/tEPBusted Heads$2.00
Assembly of Gods/tEPHavoc$2.00
Assembly of Gods/tEPHavoc$1.00
Assembly of Gods/tEPHavoc$1.00
AssrashSave for Your Doomed FutureEPProfane Existence$2.00
Atrofia Cerfrral (????)Miserable ExitirEPUnderground Pollution$2.00
Attityd Problem / SvintasksplitEPself$1.00
Aut of Step / EntropiasplitEPTenia$1.00
Aut of Step / EntropiasplitEPTenia$1.00
Automatics / Willy WonkassplitEPHeavy Metal productions$1.00
Autonomy / DoomtownsplitLPTrend is Dead Recs$5.00
AvulsionGreen ScareEPself$1.00
Awakening, theEternal BlizzardLPSolar Funeral$4.00
AwarmgunPanic In The Face of TimeLP$4.00
Awful ManNew Way to Say Fuck OffEPDead Broke Recs$1.00
Awful ManWaiting for the Tanks to Come Rolling InEPDead Broke Recs$2.00
Awful ManWaiting for the Tanks to Come Rolling InEPDead Broke$1.00
Bad AnticsThe WaveEPFlat Black$1.00
Bad AnticsTour LPLPself$5.00
Bad Bloods/tEPPRDCT Recs$1.00
Bad Daddies / White FangsplitEPFinch Recs$2.00
Bad Dreams AlwaysAnother Body MurderedEPDistortion$2.00
Bad Eating Habits / DestruxsplitEPFatal Apathy$1.00
Bad Eating Habits. DestruxsplitEPFatal Apathy$2.00
Bad Parentss/tLPOrder of the Fly$5.00
Bad Sleeps/tEPGet Better$1.00
Bad Tastes/tEPself$2.00
BafabegiyaThose Who Die DancingEPSpacement$1.00
Balaclava / Complicite CandidesplitEPmalorie$2.00
Balance of Terror / Straight to HellSplitEPPartners in Crime$1.00
Bald EagleHot ShouldersLPEnergency Umbrella$5.00
Ballasts/tLPTrujaca Fala$5.00
Bamn / Black Star RisingsplitLPCage Match Federation$3.00
Banished / DeadstatesplitEPOrganise and Arise$2.00
Basta BastaUzi Rules OkEPMorbid Recs$1.00
Bastard Children of the Roman Empire / HardshipsplitEPNational Dust$2.00
Bastard NoiseSkulldozerLPDeep Six$5.00
Bastard Sons of the Apocalypses/tEPDistort Reality$2.00
Bathtub ShitterFertilizerEPFirst Blood Family$2.00
Bathtub Shitter97 + 3 Shit PointsEPPower it Up$2.00
Bathtub ShitterFertilizerEPself$2.00
Bathtub ShitterFertilizerEPFirst Blood Family$2.00
Bathtub ShitterLIfetime ShitlistEPPower It Up$2.00
Bathtub ShitterOne FunEPPower it Up$2.00
Battle Royales/tEPVendetta$1.00
Battle Unicorn / Ox BakersplitEPSounds of Revolution$1.00
Be Your Own PetElectric ShakeEPUniversal$1.00
Beat Beat Beats/tEPRobs House Recs$1.00
Beer Gut / Los FederalesSplitEPHasla la Victoria Siempre$1.00
Beergut 100 / ZemezlucsplitEPPapagajuv Recs$1.00
Behead the Prophet NLSLMaking Craters Where Buildings StoodEPSound Pollution$1.00
BellicosiNuovo Rock ItalianoEPSborra$2.00
BelligerenisSuck on ThisEPBlind Spot$2.00
Berserker / RottersplitEP$2.00
Berserker / RottersplitEPLonely Linda Recs$2.00
Bersicker / R.O.T.T.E.R.splitEPTrojan Horse Recordings$2.00
BeskWhat Went WrongEPArson Recs$1.00
Betercore!Fuck the Borders!EPInternational Solidarity$1.00
Betercore!Fuck the Borders!EPInternational Solidarity$1.00
Betons/tLPVandal Recs, etc$4.00
Beyond PinkJedan Dva, Jebla Te JaLPEmancy Punk$4.00
Big ChiefStrange NotesEPSympathy for the Record Industry$1.00
Big CruxCompromise CrisisEP$1.00
Big CruxPonchitoLPself$5.00
Big CruxNature CruisingLP(SD)F Recs$5.00
Bill BondsmenSwallowed by the WorldLPDead Beat$5.00
Bird of Ill Omens/tEPOne Day Saviour$2.00
Black Boxs/tEPLaidoff/Del Ninos Recs$1.00
Black Cat #13Blast OffEPThree.One. G$1.00
Black Cat #13International Space ForceEPRadio 2/Proic 008$2.00
Black Cat MusicThis si the New RomanceLPCheetah's Recs$3.00
Black DonnellysLife's a ScreamEPAudio Felatio$1.00
Black Hole of Calcutta / Human ErrorsplitEPDysphoria etc$1.00
Black LabelChampions of the Bleeding HeartEP$1.00
Black Market FetusMurder MachinesEPRat Gut, etc$1.00
Black Market Fetus / Bodies Lay BrokenSplitEPself$2.00
Black RainbowDon't Wait...EPThrillhouse Recs$1.00
BlackballVisions fo the Third Eye UndoneEPSorry State$1.00
Blackouts/tLPAborted Society$4.00
BlackoutWe Can Not Stop Time . . .LPAborted Society$4.00
Blank DogsPhrasesLPCaptured$5.00
Blank Stares/tEPThird Party Recs$2.00
Blank Stares/tLPRefuse$4.00
Blank Stare.s/tEPRefuse$2.00
Blanks / Quincy PunxsplitEPTurkey Baster$2.00
Blastfo Me / DeconditionedsplitEPBanal Existence$1.00
Blastfo-Me / DeconditionedsplitEPBanal Existence$1.00
Blastonecrosiss/tEPEvil Robenchi Recs$2.00
Bloody GearsFrozen RainEPGrave Mistake recs$1.00
Bloody GearsLandscapes of DiseaseLPDeranged Recs$3.00
Blown to BitsSkulls & Bones Tour EPEPEa2theground$1.00
Blown to BitsFuck American XenophobiaEPDespotic$1.00
Blownapart Bastards / ResolsplitEPself$2.00
Blownapart Bastards / ResolsplitEPMabro$1.00
Blue Sabbath Black CheerThe Endless BlockadeLPGnarled Forest$5.00
Blunt Force Trauma / BombnationsplitLPDoomsday Machine$4.00
BoilermanYield the GhostEPCowabunga Recs$2.00
Boilermans/tEPHip Kid$2.00
Bold and the Beautiful, the / TunguskasplitLPTunguska Recs$3.00
Bold and the Beautiful, the / TunguskasplitLPTunguska Recs$3.00
Bomb SquadronSmash HitsEPGMM Recs$2.00
Bombraids/tEPGothic Gospel$2.00
Bone Explosions/tEPself$1.00
Boom!s/tEPHover Craft$2.00
Boot Down the Doors/tEPSacro Egoismo$1.00
Born / DeadRepetitionEPPrank$2.00
Born Bads/tEPFashionable Idiots$1.00
Born Deads/tEPNo Options$2.00
Born/Dead2005 Tour Only 12" epLPPrank$5.00
Bottled Violences/tEPSuburban Waste$1.00
Bottled Violences/tEPSuburban Waste Recs$2.00
Bouncing SoulsJohnny XEPBYO$2.00
Boxcars/tEPdirection recs$2.00
Boxed Ins/tEPCrime Scene$1.00
Boxed Ins/tEPBusted Heads$1.00
Boxed ins/tEPCrine Scene$2.00
BrainbagsGod Hates BagzEPSex Tape Recs$2.00
Branch DavidianParty O ClockEPSick Thought$1.00
Brandelly DodjoFotografie Di StragiEP$2.00
Bread and Water / Reason of InsanitysplitEPBurrito Recs$2.00
Break Anchor / Unsinkable Molly BrownGreat Lakes Great Mistakes, splitEPUnderground Communique$2.00
Breakup BreakdownShe Went BlackEPCordless$1.00
BristleFired From LifeEPPot Pie$2.00
Brody's MilitiaViolence Solves Some ThingsEPGet the Axe$1.00
Brody's Militia / The Crunky KidsOhio Skullcrushers Union splitEPDistort Ohio$2.00
BrokenNo Future?!…This is it!EPRotten Propaganda$2.00
BrokenAt the BorderEPVex$2.00
BrokenNo Future?!…This is it!EPRotten Propaganda$2.00
Broken Patternss/tEPSFU$2.00
Brother InferiorBlasphemy and TreasonEPSensual Underground Ministries$1.00
Brother Inferior / Whorehouse of RepresentativesSplitEPProfane Existence$1.00
Brother Inferior / Whorehouse of RepresentativessplitEPProfane Existence$1.00
Brother’s KeeperBy the Grace of godEPStand Alone$2.00
Buddy Series #2EPNarnack recs$2.00
Bunny Skulls18 Song EPEPpunks before profits$2.00
Burned Up Bled DryCloned Slaves... For SlavesEPDSI$2.00
Burned Up Bled Drys/tEPSensual Underground$2.00
Burning Loves/tEP$1.00
Burning LoveSongs for Burning LoversLPDeranged Recs$3.00
Burnpile (fka ratpiss) / SubsanitysplitEP$1.00
Burnt CrossBrian HawEPLoud Punk$1.00
Burnt CrossArms Trade Death TradeEPTadpole$2.00
Burnt CrossBreak the Law, Not the PoorEPLoud Punk, etc etc$2.00
Bury The LivingMemphisEPEminent Domain/Ugandan Giant$2.00
Bury the LivingBurn This Fucking Nightmare...LPSoul is Cheap$4.00
BushBuy us some heroin epEPSix two five. Play fast eh$2.00
Butcher Covers/tEPself$2.00
C.R.The John Lisa LPLPReservoir$3.00
Cadaver Dogs / She's DeadsplitEPGet Revenge Recs$1.00
Cakewalks/tEPThree Year Jinx$1.00
California Lightenings/tEPSound on Sound$1.00
CallousFucking UselessEPdeep six$2.00
Camera Obsuras/tEPThree.One G$2.00
Canadiam RifleDeep EndsLPDirt Cult$5.00
Canadian Rifles/tEPCriminal IQ Recs$2.00
Cancer Kids / Cancer KidssplitEPSocial Napalm$2.00
Capital Deaths/tEPself$2.00
Capital DeathCarbonEPPunks Before Profits$1.00
Capital Deaths/tEPself$2.00
CarbombYoung Heart AttackEPBuddy System$2.00
CarolineUnfunEPDead Broke Rekerds$1.00
Carrie Nationss/tEPStank House$2.00
Case of Emergencys/tEPself$1.00
Cast AsideOvercomeEPMalfunction Recs$2.00
Cat PartyHeartache Over HeadacheEPFlat Black recs$1.00
Cathedrals / DeadheadsplitEPMay Fly$2.00
CatwalkOne by WordsEPCaptured$1.00
Cause / IntifadasplitEPToo Many$2.00
Caustic ChristGovernment JobEPHavoc$2.00
Caustic Christs/tEPHavoc$2.00
Caustic Christ / Intense Youth!splitEPBehold the Youthquake$1.00
Cave CanemPain of MindEPs/t$1.00
Cease Upon the CapitolThe End of HistoryEPEndless Nameless Recs$2.00
CellmatesShoulda Kept that QuarterEPWall Ride$1.00
Cenizass/tEPMorbid Reality$2.00
Centuries / Patsy O'HarasplitEPThis Charming Man$2.00
Century of Wars/tEPFight Recs$1.00
Chaotic Neutral / Rat StormsplitEPDead Rodent Recs, etc$2.00
Charcoal HumanUpside Down FlagEPDepolorable$1.00
Chased and Smashed30 Seconds Over HillsboroLPOnion Flavored Records$4.00
Cheap ArtDesocializedEPHygene$2.00
Cheap Tragediess/tEPNo Idea, etc$2.00
Chicken SandwichEP$1.00
Chickenshit / UG Mansplit ArmageddonEPHG Fact$2.00
Children of Gods/tEPself$2.00
Chimp Grinder / MisceginatorsplitEPUFA$2.00
Choose Your PoisonThrashed to RibbonsEP$2.00
Choose Your Poison / SMDsplitEP$2.00
Chorea... Wenn wir...EPAnomie Recs$1.00
Chronic Seizures/tEPFashionable Idiots$1.00
Chronic SeizureBrainsickEPFashionable Idiots$2.00
Chronic Seizures/tEPFashionable Idiots$1.00
Chronic SeizureBrainsickEPFashionable Idiot$2.00
Chronic SeizureAncient WoundLPNo Way Recs$5.00
Chronicle A/DBloodsport WarEPLoder Brock$2.00
Chronicle A/DBloodsport WarEPLoder Brock$2.00
Chuck Norriss/tEPDistorted Riffs$2.00
ChupacabraTired fo Talking to Shadows...EPUbble Gubble$1.00
Chupacabra / Moral HazardsplitEPWage Slave, etc$1.00
CiderThey Are the Enemy!LPPainkiller$5.00
Citizen PatrolSick RoutineEPNo Way$1.00
Civil DisobedienceIn a Few Hours of MadnessEPProfane Existence$2.00
Civil DisobedienceIn a Few Hours of MadnessEPProfane Existence$2.00
ClearanceGreensleeveEPMicroluxe Recs$2.00
Cloak DaggerEPGrave Mistake$1.00
Cloak/DaggerDon't Need AEPGrave Mistake$2.00
Closet Witch / EuthsplitEPMiddle Man Recs, etc$2.00
Cluster Bomb Unit… and the Dirty Little WeaponsEPHavoc$2.00
Cluster Bomb UnitLast Band StandingEPAngry Recs$1.00
Coaccions/tEPVex Recs / Profane Existence$1.00
Coaccions/tEPVex Recs / Profane Existence$2.00
CoaccionAmoradazadoEPDespotic Recs$2.00
Code 13A Part of America Died TodayEPHavoc$2.00
Code 13Doomed SocietyEPHavoc$2.00
Code 13Doomed SocietyEPHavoc$2.00
Code XIIIs/tEPHavoc$1.00
Cold FeetEP$3.00
Cold LeatherSmart MovesLPAdagio830$5.00
Cold ShoulderPatriotEPCowabunga Recs$1.00
Cold War / VoetseksplitEPDeep Six$2.00
ColdbringerLust and AmbitionLPDead Ideas$5.00
ColderaA Study of Revenge, the Immortal Hate...EP$2.00
Comas/tLPInsane Society$3.00
Coma / Mass Genocide ProcesssplitEPImpregnate Noise Lab.$2.00
Comat ShockHospital FoodEPWeird Recs$2.00
Combat Wounded Veteran / Scrotum GrinderSplitEPBurrito Recs$2.00
Common Enemy / Eyes of HateCircle Pit SplitEPScene Destroyer$1.00
Computer Cougers/tEPGern Blansten Recs$1.00
Concrete Asylums/tEPBad Vibrations$2.00
Concrete FaceliftUUAAGGGHHHEPParty Time$1.00
Concrete Facelift / Mother Speedsplit epEP$1.00
Condemned Units/tEPself$2.00
CondenadaMother TongueEPThought Crime$2.00
ConfinesWithdrawnEPLabor of Love$1.00
Conflict Resolutions/tEPGet Revenge Recs$1.00
ConfrontationDead Against the WarEPTribal War$2.00
Conniptions/tEPFrame Work$2.00
Conniptions/tEPFrame Work$2.00
Constant FearDronekillLPPainkiller$5.00
Constant State of TerrorWar With No EndEPInflammable Material Recs$2.00
ContaminatedImmunity?EPspent Round$1.00
Contaminatorss/tEPGoing Underground Recs$1.00
Contravene / Svart AggressionsplitEPCatchphraze recs$2.00
Contravene / UprisingsplitEPIncendiary Sound$1.00
Control De Estado / Draft DodgersplitEP$2.00
Contstant State of Terrors/tEPTadpole$2.00
Conversions, thePrisoner's InventionsLPLevel-Plane$5.00
Cops and RobbersExecution StyleEPBridge Nine$1.00
Cops and RobbersFace to Face With HateEPADD recs$1.00
Cops and RobbersExecution StyleEPBridge Nine$1.00
Coptic TimesTemptationEPYoungblood Recs$2.00
Corned Beef / DellamortesplitEPYellow Dog$2.00
Corpus Deis/tEP$1.00
Countdown to Armageddons/tEPAborted Society$1.00
Countdown to OblivionBrain Surgery for BeginnersEPDeranged$1.00
Countdown to Oblivion / They LivesplitEPUgly Pop$1.00
Counter CultureInternational Benefit CompEP$1.00
Courtney N' The CrushersBurnside StreetLPHovercraft$5.00
CRASSYes Sir, I WillLPCrass$5.00
Creeping Doses/tEPHavoc$2.00
Creeping Doses/tEPself$2.00
CreosoteLife LessonsEP$1.00
Creosotesomething we stand there... CDEP$1.00
Crime DesireId Music to Combat the Super EgoLPLife's a Rape$5.00
Crime DesireWe Hate All LifeLPLife's a Rape$5.00
Criminal CodeNo DeviceLPDeranged Recs$5.00
Criminal Culture / RubricssplitEPHold Tight$2.00
Criminally InsaneSatan?EPParts Unknown$2.00
Crippled HeroesCycle of OppressionEPDiabolarchy Recs$1.00
Cripples, theDirty HeadLPDirtnap$5.00
Cross LawsAntient RitesEPSorry State$2.00
Crossing ChaosBhind the Glamorous Face...EPYellow Dog$2.00
Crossing ChaosDisgusting RealityEPBlindead Productions$2.00
Crossing ChaosBehind the Glamerous Face...EPYellow Dog$1.00
Crow BaitThree Tickle GuysEPLost Cat, etc etc$1.00
Crucial Section / Face Up to It!splitEPMurder Recs$2.00
Crucial Section / Hit Me BacksplitEPSix Two Five$2.00
Crucial Unit / RambosplitEPEd Walters Recs$1.00
Crucial Unit / RambosplitEPed walters$1.00
Crude B.E.AlptraumerkmaleEPself$2.00
Cruel Faces/tEPSin Fronteras$1.00
CSMD / Drunken Orgy...splitEP$2.00
CSMD / SpoelstrasplitEPno fucking labels$2.00
Culprits / No HerossplitEPStealth Ordeal Recs$2.00
Culprits / No HerossplitEPStealth Ordeal Recs$2.00
Cunt'n Bananaaz / HC HopesplitEPRiot City Japan$1.00
Cuties/tEPRed Swan$2.00
CzosnekSometimesLPNikt Nic Nie Wie$3.00
D-CompNot Enough BulletsEPCool Kid Conspiracy$1.00
D.F.I / UnlogisticsplitEPEmergence Recs, etc$1.00
D.R.Y.Shoot Up DeathEP625$2.00
Dad Works HardTeh Saturday Nite MovieLPself$3.00
Daiy VoidThe Exlipse of 1453 epLPSacred Bones Recs$6.00
Damage DepositStraight to the BottomEPHavoc$1.00
Damage DepositStraight to teh BottomEPHavoc$1.00
Dan Padilla / Drunken BoatsplitEPMust Yearn/Fast Crowd$2.00
Danger Strangerss/tEPSmall Pool$1.00
Danger Strangerss/tEPSmall Pool$1.00
Dangerlovess/tEPFashionable Idiots$2.00
Daniel Francis Doyle / Koji KondoHistory of ConsiderationEPself$2.00
Danny GloverLethal WeaponEPSick Thought Recs$1.00
Danny GloverLethal WeaponEPSick Thought Recs$2.00
Das KlownHa Ha Ha Ha HaEPDr. Dream Recs$2.00
DazzlingkillmentComic Book and Record SetEPSkin Graft$2.00
Dead by DawnTeh Coming PlagueLPDefector$3.00
Dead by DawnTeh Coming PlagueLPDefector$3.00
Dead by Dawn / Heavy VoodoosplitEPCaptain Couch$2.00
Dead by Dawn / Heavy VooDoosplitEPCaptain Couch Recs$2.00
Dead by Dawn / Heavy VoodoosplitEPCaptain Couch$1.00
Dead EndKilling the MessengerEP625 Records$1.00
Dead Falls/tLPself$5.00
Dead Kings/Greedy Histress/a-Priori/Teh Aggro VatorssplitEPScatboy Recs$1.00
Dead Patriots/tEPPenske Material$1.00
Dead Patriots/tEPPenske Material$1.00
Dead Patriots/tEPPenske Material$1.00
Dead Radical Inc.s/tEPI Deal Recs$1.00
Dead SilenceA BenefitEPSpiral Recs$1.00
DeadfallComradsEPSix Two Five$2.00
DeadfallComradsEPsix two five$2.00
Deadly Weaponss/tEPLip Stick$1.00
Dearborn S.S.s/tEPCouncil / Legua Arm etc$1.00
Dearborn S.S.s/tEPCounsel recs$2.00
Dearborn S.S.s/tEPCounsel recs$1.00
Death FirstTrappedEPDestroy Me$1.00
Deathpacts/tEPWelfare Recs$1.00
Deathpacts/tEPWelfare Recs$1.00
DeathwishOut For BloodLPBeer City$5.00
DebrisTen2LPPanoptic Vision$3.00
DeceivedSmash PatriarchyEPReiterate Recs$1.00
DeceivedSmash PatreiarchyEPReiterate$2.00
DeconditionedBig ActEPBig Act$1.00
DeconditionedOverpopulation...EPBanal Existence$1.00
Defacto OppressionWe're Digging Our Own GravesEPself$1.00
Defacto OppressionWe're Digging Our Own GravesEPself$1.00
DefaultBeyond Our MeansEPBeer City$2.00
DefeatistThanatonic StateEPEnucleation$2.00
Defect DefectWordsEPself$2.00
Defect Defects/tLPResidue Recs$3.00
DekadentWacht Endlick Auf!EPCivilization Recs$1.00
Dekadent / PeruutussplitEPCivilisation$2.00
DekoderBetween the Waking and DyingLPChaos Rurale$5.00
Del Cielo / Kill the Man Who QuestionssplitEPEd Walters$2.00
DemarcheFucking HangoverEPself$1.00
Demisor / Red StainsplitEPChaos D&K$1.00
DerrotaAsko InfinitoLPTrabuc Recs$5.00
DesastreMundo VelhoEPshit peace and tofu$2.00
DesastreMundo VelhoEPShit Peas and Tofu$1.00
Desease Called Mans/tEPself$1.00
Deskonocidoss/tEP540 recs$2.00
Deskonodidos / Sacred ShocksplitEPself$2.00
Destroy L.A.VandalizeEPNo Way$2.00
DeterrorformedTemple of No GodsEPthe Defector$1.00
DeterrorformedTemple of No GodsEPDefector recs$1.00
Detrimental Greeds/tEPself$1.00
Detrimental Greeds/tEPself$1.00
Devil is Electric, theI've Never Trusted . . "LPHot Sauce$5.00
Devoid of Faiths/tEPDysgusher$2.00
Devoid of Faith / SeizedsplitEPGloom Recs$2.00
DevotionBastad Son of Affluence BluesLPRivalry Recs$5.00
DI.H.Y.F.SkullfistEPRawker recs$2.00
DialloDiagram of a ScamEPYellow Dog$2.00
Diallo / ExhalesplitEPCrys of Pain$1.00
DiasporaGaikkodibehtet muvrrat VuolasLPRuin Nation Recs, etc etc$3.00
Diaspora / I Shot CyrussplitEPCospe Fogo Gravacoes$2.00
Dick Cheney / the Tangled LinessplitEPRefuse$2.00
Die Young / InvadesplitEPDouble or Nothing$1.00
Diet CokeheadsNasalEPself$2.00
Dire StraitsPrivate Investigations/Badges, Posters, Stickers, T-shirtsEPEMI$0.50
Dirty Marquees/tEPSquirmy Recs$1.00
Dirty Power Game / DisarmsplitEPDisarm/Tetanus$2.00
Disarm / ObbrobriosplitEP$2.00
Disciders/tEPOffensive Media$1.00
DisciderDrinking to Forget the FutureEPFirst Blood Family$1.00
Discider / Black Market FetussplitEPFirst Blood Family$2.00
Disciples Of ChristdemoEP$2.00
DisconvenienceWar on WankersEPWasted Sounds$2.00
Disgruntled Nations/tEPBeer City$1.00
Disgusting LiesRich Man / Poor ManEPMalarie Recs$2.00
DiskobraA Diskobra VisszaterEPAback$2.00
Diskontrol / Full of HatredsplitEPRovina recs, etc$2.00
Disnihils/tLPChronic Death$5.00
Disorganized / RakitissplitEPHepatit D$2.00
DisrespectJustice in a BagEPProfane Existence$1.00
DisrespectJustice In a BagEPProfane Existence$1.00
Disrobe / UWT (Useless Wooden Toys)splitEPDiscontent$2.00
DissensionStagnationEPFetus Records$2.00
DissystemaThe Grim Prospects of Our FutureLPPutrid Filth Conspiracy$5.00
Dissystema / Endless NightmaresplitEPdisnightmare$2.00
Disturbo MenorHeridas AbiertasEPSin Fronteras$1.00
Distustis/tEPHigh Fashion Industries$2.00
Divorces/tEPTsunami Recs$2.00
Dixie Buzzardss/tEPYakisakana Recs$2.00
DMVs/tEPStank House Recs$1.00
DodsdomdSeven Deadly SinsEPHavoc$2.00
Dog Assassins/tEPSpacement Recs$1.00
Dog Tag / InfanticidesplitEPEnd Theory$1.00
Dogs Holy LifeThis is a TestEPThreat to Existence$2.00
Dogs Holy LifeThis is a TestEPThreat to Existence, etc$2.00
Doldrumss/tLPBad People Recs$3.00
Doom SirenTyrannyEPBurnt Bridges Recs$1.00
Doomday HourA Long March of ProgressEPSwissed Off Recs$2.00
Doomhawks/tLPRumbletown Recs$3.00
Doomsday 1999Maniac On the FloorLPNukes Recs$3.00
DoomtownForever FuckedLPPutrid Filth Conspiracy$4.00
Doubled Over / RoskoppsplitEPNuclear Ass$2.00
Down to AgonyRequiem por un mundo enfernoEPAclaim recs, etc$2.00
Downslide / Know Your EnemysplitEPCrucial Response$2.00
Downtown BoysFull CommunismLPDon Giovanni Recs$5.00
Dratsabs/tEPReform Recs$1.00
Dread 101 / ExistenchsplitEPMalarie Recs$2.00
Dread 101 / FastardsplitEPInsane Society$2.00
Dreschfiegel / Mass Genocide ProcesssplitEPself$1.00
Drip of Liess/tEP$2.00
DronezCorporate Funded TerrorEPself$2.00
DronezCorporate Funded TerrorEPself$2.00
Drunk DriverJanuary 2ndEPFan Death$2.00
Dry Humps/tEPCowabunga Recs$2.00
DS 13Aborted Teen GenerationEPHavoc$2.00
DS 13Aborted Teen GenerationEPHavoc$2.00
Dudmans/tEPSix Two Five$2.00
DuggoutNo BackupEPBrewery Recs$1.00
DumbstruckIf it ain't broke... dont fix itEPself$2.00
DumbstruckIf it ain't broke... dont fix itEPself$2.00
DumbstruckAnd We All Fall DownLPSix Two Five Thrashcore$5.00
Dwn to AgonyRequiem por un Mundo InfernoEPAclaim Recs$1.00
E 150 / IntensitysplitEPThought Crime$2.00
E.T. HabitVenomousEPHoZac Recs$2.00
Easpa Measa / NemetonasplitEPAccliam$1.00
Eat Skulls/tEP$2.00
Ebolas/tEPFlat Earth$2.00
Eddie BrockBrand New DayEPA389$1.00
Effort, theWartime CitizensLPPanic Recs$6.00
El Desmadre / ROIsplitEPDeath Exlamations$1.00
Electro Group / St AvalanchesplitEPClairecords$1.00
Empty Vessels/tEPBlind Spot$2.00
End of a Years/tEPself$1.00
End of AllPlacesEPHalo of Flies$2.00
Endrophobia4 song epEPNo Options$1.00
Endrophobia4 song epEPNo Options$1.00
Enemies for Lifes/tEPParty Time$1.00
Enemies for Lifes/tEPParty Time$1.00
EnewetakThe Easyrider Sessions Vol 1EPBuk Buk$2.00
ENS / Contridium????splitEPself$1.00
ENS / ScumbrigadesplitEPDod & Uppsvalld$2.00
Envenomeds/tEPTorture Garden$1.00
Envenomeds/tEPTorture Garden$1.00
Envenomeds/tEPToreture Garden$2.00
Envenomeds/tEPToreture Garden$1.00
Envenomeds/tEPToreture Garden$2.00
Epileptic Terror AttackThe RacketEPHigh Society$2.00
EscatofagiaMan Wolf of the ManEPView Beyond Recs$1.00
Europhobias/tEPNo Options$1.00
Everybody's EnemyI Am LegendEPSick of Talk$1.00
Everything Falls ApartEscapeEPself$2.00
Everything Falls ApartTensionEPArt of the Underdog$2.00
Excrettion / Ultimo RauseasplitEPEcocentric Recs$2.00
ExecradoresOdio Vital!EPSin Fronteras$1.00
Exhale / DiallosplitEPCrys of Pain$1.00
Existench / LixxiviasplitEPBroken Brains$2.00
Expendable Youths/tEPShaman$1.00
Expendable Youth2016EPShaman$1.00
Experimental Pollen Ensambles/tEPse.f$2.00
Extreme Cherokees/tEPself$2.00
Eye Gouger / I ResignsplitEPTrue recs$2.00
F.U.B.A.R. / SplittersplitLPFast & Furious$5.00
Face FirstIgnorant AssholesEPRat Town recs$1.00
Failuress/tEPPain Killer$2.00
FalcoRock Me AmadeusEPA&M Recs$1.00
Fallout / Last WarningsplitEPPutrid Filth Conspiracy$2.00
Fallout / Last WarningsplitEPPutrid Filth Conspiracy$2.00
False Lights/tEPDead Chemists$2.00
Family Stoneds/tEPPerennial$2.00
FanshenStatic/KineticLPDevil Dancer Recs, etc$2.00
Fantasy QuestNov 2009EPPoison Apple$2.00
Fasionalble Idiots / RetainerssplitEP$1.00
Fastplant / In Danger of DeadBorthers of Board, Partners in Ply splitLPDead Tank Recs$3.00
Fat DaySmell Me SillyEPHG Fact$2.00
Fat DayIguanadonalandLPSpirit of Orr$3.00
Fathead SuburbiaControl The MassesEPBig City$1.00
Fear of Extinctions/tEPPhobia recs$2.00
Feelers, theLearn to Hate the FeelersLPDead Beat Recs$5.00
Festa DesperatoNovy BabylonEPGas Mask$1.00
Fet MuleVagra Leva Pa KnaEPCommunichaos Media$1.00
Fetus Eaters / Watch Me BurnsplitEPPanic Inc, etc$1.00
Fighting Dogss/tLPEd Walters Recs$3.00
Filth TribeWar Crimes in DisguiseEPSysdumb/Fight for your mind/bacon town$2.00
FilthkickHand Crushed HeartEPDesperate Attempt$2.00
FilthpactStep On ItEPProblem?, etc$2.00
Final MassakreThe Bells of Hell Tol the Final ChimeEPTribal War$2.00
Fireballs of Freedom / LopezsplitEPDirtnap$1.00
Fireing Squads/tEPMMR$2.00
Fischers/tEPGreat Plains Recs$1.00
Fist City / PissfestsplitEPDrunken Sailor$1.00
FiticuffsRiot as AssociationEPFistfight recs$1.00
Fittss/tEPBig Neck$1.00
Flesh and the Devilss/tEPGranado$1.00
Flight Nineteens/tEPself$1.00
Flux of Disorder / VomitussplitEPNonsense Recs$2.00
Fora-De-Sis/tLPRodel Recs$3.00
Forca Macabras/tEPCrust Recs$2.00
Force Field / Half MansplitEP?$1.00
Forced MarchWasted ExistenceEP$2.00
Forced March / RaisersplitEPself$2.00
Forced March / RaisersplitEPself$2.00
Foreign Objectss/tEPDirt Cult$2.00
Forever Youth / I ObjectsplitEP$2.00
Fork Knife SpoonBlack Stork AttackEPself$1.00
Forward to DeathDeath TherapyLPPerfect Victim Recs$3.00
Fourteen of Fights/tEPLengu Armada$2.00
Frame / Karate for KidssplitEPSalinas Recs$1.00
Francis Harold and the HologramsWho Said These Were Happy Times?LPGoing Underground$5.00
Frankie SparoMy Rec ScareLPConstellation$5.00
Frantic Bends/tEPself$2.00
Freak ShowCold SocietyEPDIY Recs$1.00
Freak VibeJesus in the KitchenEPself$2.00
Fresh Meats/tEPFashionable Idiots$1.00
Fronterrorismos/tEPEl Grito$2.00
Fuck Mountain / Shape BreakersplitEPGary Recs$2.00
FuckoDealing With The WorldLPBlack Numbers$5.00
Fuel / Phleg CampsplitEPAllied Recs$1.00
Full Speed AheadBorn and BredEPTeamwork Recs$1.00
Full Speed Ahead / Kill Your IdolssplitEPHell Bent$2.00
FunerotStranded in TimeEPMaggot Mind$1.00
FunerotNova IILPInimical Recs$4.00
Future VirginsWestern ProblemsLPPlant-it-X South$5.00
Future Virgins / Onion Flavored RingssplitEP1-2-3-4 Go Recs$1.00
Gadje / Ice NinesplitEPEbullition$2.00
Game Faces/tEPDr Strange$2.00
Garblecrat8EPGarblecrat Industries$2.00
Garblecrats/tEPPermutaion Disaffect$1.00
Garmonbozias/tLPProfane Existence$5.00
Garmonbozias/tLPProfane Existence$3.00
Gasmask Terrors/tEPPlague Bearer$2.00
Gasoline Please / Please Mr. Grave DiggersplitEPPhantom Recs$1.00
George MoshingtonAttackEPself$2.00
Get it Aways/tEPthird party$2.00
Ghidrans/tEPGet Revenge$1.00
Give Up All HopeNowhere to Hide From YourselfEPNever Healed$2.00
Glass TeethJacob Saved Them AllEPProblem Solved$1.00
Glass Teeth / Spelling BeesplitEPProblem Solved$2.00
GlobstersRock & Roll Misery epEPKarmic Swamp$2.00
GnosisDisunionEPNoise Culture$2.00
GnosisThere Is No Descrimination Among DeathEPGnosis Recs$2.00
Goat ShantyClearly Presp InEPOut of Limits$1.00
God Equals GenocideLife of DoubtEPDirt Cult Recs$2.00
God Equals GenocideThis World is Wearing Me DownEPRazorcake$2.00
God Equals GenocideRattled MindsLPRazorcake Dirt Cult$5.00
GolersSouth Mountain StyleLPUnrest Recs$5.00
Gomeks/tEPDead Tank/Drugged Conscience$1.00
Good Clean FunWho Shares WinsEPPhyte Recs$2.00
Good Clean FunWho Share WinsEPPhyte Recs$2.00
Grabass CharlestonsDale & the CareenersLPNo Idea$5.00
GreedSilence is no ReactionEPC.A.F. Recs$1.00
Green Beret / Mocovy KhamenisplitEPHyenyzm Recs$2.00
Green Fuses/tEPAsh From Sweat$2.00
GreenscabKill Precede RampageEPHepatit D$1.00
Gregg Holtsclaw's Songs of the DeadA Horror Movie Tribute CompEPApe Records$1.00
Grid / LaharsplitEPFast Core$2.00
GrideHappy Birthday GrideEPInsane Recs$2.00
Gride / Lies and DistrustsplitEPInsane Society$2.00
Grievance / H.R.W.splitEPPaank Levyt$1.00
Gritos De Alerta / HeresiasplitEPTerror$2.00
Gritos De OdioCausa JustaEPSem Nome$2.00
Growing StrongerToxic FumesEPReact x Recs$2.00
Grube Und Pendel / November 13thsplitEPself$1.00
GSDIn HadesLPDead Broke Recs$3.00
GuernicaCleanseEPClean Plate/Heartplug$2.00
Guilt Lusts/tLPFun With Smack$5.00
Gun Outfits/tEPppm$1.00
Gun Outfits/tEPppm$1.00
Gun Pro / HardshipsplitEPStealth Ordeal$2.00
Guts Pie EarshotDistorted WonderlandLPRevolution Inside$6.00
Guyana Punch LineIrritant for the MassesEPX Mist$1.00
Guyana Punch LineSounds for the New AestheticEPCoalition$1.00
Hailkeft. Judgment DisorderlysplitEPMCR$2.00
Hair Long n FreekyEPself$2.00
Half LifeDifferent SystemsEPHG Fact$2.00
Hall keft / Judgment DisorderlysplitEPMCR$2.00
Halloween Party Song????????????????????EPPunk Rock Dirtnap$2.00
HangnailNightmare in PainsvilleEPHibachi Recs$1.00
Hangnail / SchnauzersplitEPHibachi$2.00
Happy Bastards / Kismet HCsplitEPGuerilla/Under Siege$2.00
Happy BirthdayEPSub Pop$1.00
Happy Daggers/tEPBleeding Parade Inc$1.00
Happy NooseAmagosaEPDead End Social Club$2.00
Harpoon Gunss/tEPGoing Underground Recs$1.00
Harpoon Guns12" EPLPSquare Wave Recs$4.00
Harriet the Spys/tEPself$1.00
Harvest / IncisionsplitEPtrustkill$2.00
HaywireMad Cow DiseaseEPBlind Destruction$1.00
HaywirePainless SteelEPNemesis$1.00
HaywirePainless SteelEPNemesis$1.00
Haywire / The ObliteratedsplitEPConcensous Reality$2.00
Haywire / The ObliteratedsplitEPConsensus Reality$1.00
Haywire / the ObliteratedsplitEPConsensus Reality$1.00
Head Hits ConcreteHope, Fear, and the Terror of DreamsEPself$2.00
Head Trauma!Two Faces epEPGive Praise$1.00
Headache / RecusantsplitEPself$2.00
Headx Trauma!Two Faces epEPGive Praise$1.00
Heave6-12ozEPRyse and Fall$1.00
Heil Hidtiot / Weekend WarriorsplitEPMass Media$2.00
Hell / ReasonsplitEP$2.00
Hell Bound / ScornedsplitEP$2.00
Hellbound / ScournedsplitEPself$2.00
Hello Kitty on Ices/tEPBurger$1.00
Herdss/tEPFashionable Idiots Recs$2.00
HerdsSpring b/w KatmaiEPDeer Healer$2.00
Herdss/tLPFashionable Idiots$3.00
Hiastus / TotuussplitEPRonky$2.00
Hiding Inside Victimss/tLPRotten to the Core$3.00
Hiding Inside Victims / Suicide StatesplitEPtransphobia etc$2.00
High LifeDrink Yourself to FreedomEPCowabunga$1.00
Hold TrueNothing Ca Destroy...EPThird Party$1.00
Hollow Sunshines/tEPNostalgium Directive$1.00
Holocaust In Your Heads/tLPTrabuc Recs, etc$3.00
Holokausts/tEPAfter the Bomb$2.00
Holy MolarliveEPThree.One.G$1.00
Holy Mountain / Cobra NoirsplitEPNo Idea$2.00
HomeownersLight and VisionEPMargin Mouth$1.00
Homerinus Dudess/tEPOn the Warpath$1.00
Homoconsumens / Ad Calendas GraecasNavzdy spoutanEP$1.00
Homoconsumens / Kudy Kam?EP$1.00
HomostupidsStrawberry Orange Peach BananaLPFashionable Idiots$5.00
Honey Sucks/tEPQueen of Sword$2.00
Hong Kong Blondes/tEPUgly Pop$2.00
Hott MtI Made ThisLPself$4.00
How Long? / UnarmedsplitEPInsane Society$2.00
HubrisBase DesireEPCricket Cemetary$1.00
HubrisBase DesireEPCricket Cemetary$1.00
Hue Blancs Joyless Oness/tEPCertified PR Recs$2.00
Human Error / System ShitsplitLPSkud$3.00
Human Messs/tEPDesensitized$2.00
Human Orders/tEPCataclyam$1.00
Human Orders/tEPCataclynn Recs$1.00
Human WasteI Vantan Pa Socialbidraget...EPDimman / New Noise/Stategrinder/Halvfabricat$2.00
Human Waste / Fran Generation Till GenerationEPWasted Sounds$2.00
HumanoidsYear of the SnakeEPRock Bottom$1.00
Humminbird of DeathDiagnosis: deliciousEPself$1.00
Humpy / LopezsplitEPPunk House Recs$2.00
I AdaptNo PasaranLPMalarie Recs$5.00
I Call Fives / Rust Belt LightssplitEPBroken Rim$1.00
I Farm / Operation Cliff ClavinsplitEPTraffic Violation$1.00
I Hate Thiss/tEPAmerican Waste/Blastcat$2.00
I Object / F.P.OsplitEPDead Tank, etc$1.00
I Want WhiskeyLullaby of Fort BenningEPself$1.00
I.A.F. / RahakkaCruel System of War splitEP$2.00
Ice NinePsych. & Extreme ViolenceEPRhetoric recs$1.00
Idol PunchCulture MarketEPMCR$2.00
Imammoth Tortas/tEPFrankenjew recs$1.00
In the ShitA Cacerous SocietyLPMass Productions$3.00
IncontrolladosHvem Vil Det Gavne?EPKick'n Punch/Maxium Overdrive$2.00
Inerds / BestowersplitEPMutant Leage, etc$1.00
Inflicted / Ojo RohosplitEPPower Ground$1.00
Inhastes/tLPUnrest Recs$3.00
Inhumane / WhippedWe Need Our Wars splitEPSabatage Earth$1.00
Inhumane / WhippedsplitEPSabotage Recs$2.00
Initial Detonations/tEPSensual Underground$1.00
Initial DetonationSo Selleth the Shepherd So Buyeth the FlockEPSensual Underground$1.00
Initial DetonationSo Selleth the Shepherd...EPSensual Undergrond$1.00
Inner ConflictAnschlusstrefferLPTwisted Chords, etc$3.00
Instant Asshole / Mouth Sewn ShutsplitEPTank Crimes$2.00
Instant Asshole / Mouth Sewn ShutsplitEPTank Crimes$1.00
Internal AffairsDeadly VisionsEPMalfunction$3.00
IntifadaSounds So GoodEPRomne Tono Recs$1.00
IsolationLove, Peace and SoyaEPDestroy$2.00
J FernandezMany Levels of LaughterLPJoyful Noise$3.00
Jacob Fred Jazz OdysseyAnd There Stands EmpiresEP$3.00
Japanther / PantherssplitEPvice$2.00
Jello BiafraThe Green WedgeEPAlternative Tenticles$2.00
Jesus CrostTotLPBaricada Discos$3.00
Jones VeryTrains of ThoughtEPJade Tree$2.00
Jonny X and the GroadiesIllin TechnologyEPself$2.00
Jonny X and the GroadiesA New Hope...EPPlayfair$1.00
Jonny X and the Groadies / The HoodwinksCrappy Music for Stupid JerksEP$3.00
Judas IscariotHarrison Bergeron Bound...EPStereo Mountain$1.00
Judas IscariotSkeptics, Mystics and Blind IdolatersEPDenied a Custom$2.00
Juggling Jugulars80 Million BarrelsLPRuin Nation Recs, etc$3.00
Juice Tymes/tEPHeadcount$1.00
Jump Off a BuildingBird Watching in New ZealandEPLengua Armada$1.00
Jump Off a BuildingBird Watching in New ZealandEPLengua Armada$2.00
Just DieGarages and BasementsEPDead End$2.00
Just DieGarages and BasementsEPDead End$2.00
KalashnikovAngoscia RockEP$3.00
Kalmex And The Riffmerchantss/tEP$2.00
KansandemokratiaVainottuEPFight Recs$2.00
Karnvapen AttackSecretos, Mentiras, AnajenacioEPMala Raza$1.00
KatastrofialueNihlistinen KuolemaEPVicious Interference$2.00
KatastrofialueVapaus on VankilaEPVicious Interference$1.00
KatastrophobiaHomo MorticinusEPStop the Madness$1.00
Kate BushCloudbustingEPEMI$2.00
KegchargeSadistic War GloryLPHardcore Holocaust$5.00
Ken Parks/tLPRejuvenation Recs, etc$3.00
KGSCutcord and DestructionEPBebe label$2.00
KhmerNubes Que Anuncian TormentaLPTupatutupa$5.00
Kill City ThrillersStilettoEPRed Light$2.00
Kill The Client / Thousands Will DiesplitEPRSR$2.00
Killer Dreamers/tEPKapow$2.00
Killer Dreamers/tEPKapow$1.00
Kills The Man Who Questionss/tEPBloodlink$1.00
Kimya Dawson / Matty Pop ChartsplitEPK$2.00
KirottuEloton MaailmaEPPanikkia$2.00
Kiss it GoodbyePreacherEPRevelation$1.00
Kit / WivessplitEP$2.00
KlinikaTourdionLPNikt Nic Nie Wie$5.00
KnifedoutofexistenceImmaturity of MovementLPOutsider Art, etc$5.00
Kobra XI / S.I.K.A.splitEP$1.00
KohoshSurvival GuideLPAcclaim, etc$3.00
Krema 1UtopiaEPWilliamsport Are Community$1.00
KryzyczNovumEPMalarie Recs$2.00
Kungfu RickMotivation to AbuseLP625 Thrashcore, etc$5.00
Kurbits I.R.Skane Sweden AttacksEP625 Productions$2.00
KurbitsirSkane Sweden AttacksEP625 Productions$2.00
Kurskthe Implication epEPSpiral Objective / Cal 3 Recs$2.00
Kursk / LycanthropysplitEPHalo of Flies$1.00
Kuru / RectifysplitEPInflammable Materials$2.00
L.U.L.L.FreaklineLPStarving Missle$2.00
La Pistolas/tEPFrenetic Recs$1.00
Lahar / Stolen LivessplitLPInsane Society$5.00
Lamprey / ZmokesplitEPCaptain Couch$3.00
Land ActionSpanish LispEPself$2.00
LandedEverything's HappeningLPVermiform$5.00
LardarseArmchair ApathyEPWeird Recs$1.00
Larry and His HashAll That We KnowLPSilver Sprocket Bicycle Club$6.00
Larry and the Gonowheress/tLPPuke Records$3.00
Las Mordidass/tEPDischord$2.00
Last in LineCrosswalkEPDeranges Recs$2.00
Last Pariahs / Nervous ChristianssplitEPself$2.00
Latch Key KidsTime OutEPSkene!$1.00
Lazy Boy / Low Rent SoulssplitEPPeace Creep$1.00
Le Faces/tEPRich Bitch$2.00
Leader Shits/tLPTofu Gorilla$5.00
Leather Wretchs/tEPFan Death Recs$1.00
Legion of Dooms/tEPCrimes Against Humanity$1.00
Let's Wrestles/tEPStolen Recordings$2.00
Let's WrestleThe Love LanguageEPMerge Recs$1.00
Libyanss/tLPNarshardaa Recs$5.00
Libyanss/tLPNarshardaa Recs$5.00
Lie and Wait / OverdosesplitEPTriple B$2.00
Life Set StruggleWe're FuckedEPElement Recs$1.00
Life TrapBleak RealityEPNo Way$2.00
Life's a Riots/tEPWitch Hunt$2.00
Lil RuntGoodbye Burrito BridgeLPLeft Off the Dial$5.00
LimSnutasEPKnow Recs$1.00
Lions Shares/tEPWarthog Speak$2.00
Living Under Liess/tLPDissonant Sound$4.00
Lizardss/tEPLittle Deputy$1.00
Local 630Labor Songs and Rebel BalladsEPself$2.00
Logic ProblemNo CenterEPGrave Mistake recs$2.00
Logic ProblemNo CenterEPGrave Mistake$1.00
Logic ProblemNo CenterEPGrave Mistake$2.00
Logic Problems/tLPAbuse Recs$5.00
Long Legged Womans/tEPself$2.00
Look Back and LaughStreet TerrorismEPDeranged Recs$2.00
Look Back and Laughs/tLPLengua Armada$5.00
Look Back and Laughs/tLPLengua Armada$5.00
Look Back and Laughs/tLPLengua Armada$5.00
Look Back and Laughs/tLPself$5.00
Look Back and Laughs/tLPself$5.00
Look Back and Laughs/tLPself$5.00
Look Back and LaughState of IllusionLPself$5.00
Loomis Slovak1000 Year Reign of TerrorEPYouth Strike Chord$2.00
Loomis Slovak1917-2917EPYouth Strike$2.00
Looterss/tLPAlternative Tentacles$4.00
Los Vataicanos / ComradesFuck Jubilaem splitEPAngry Recs, etc$2.00
Lost Boyss/tEPShogun Recs$2.00
Lost CauseWalk AloneEPself$2.00
LoutishCivilizationEPMidnight Sea$2.00
Love it or Leave itFour Song epEPClarence Thomas recs$1.00
Low CulturePlaces to HideLPPunk Rock Dirt Nap$5.00
Low Rent SoulsThriving on RejectionEPpeace Creep$1.00
Low Rent SoulsThriving on RejectionEPpeace Creep$1.00
Low Threat Profiles/tEPDraw Blank Recs, etc$2.00
LuauHill Street BluesEP$1.00
LushesWhat Am I DoingLPFelte$3.00
Lust for DeathDemo Tour 2012 CD *******EPSelf$1.00
Lycanthropy / Nesoucast StrojesplitEPAntigravitation, etc$1.00
M.V.D. / PrejudiceCivilization is a Lie, splitEPLocust Releases$1.00
Machine Gun Romantics / S.S.E.Dead Reagan Era HxC splitEPDangerously Small Recs$1.00
Makabert Fynds/tEPFlat Black$2.00
Mala SangreRide the WindEPThreat to Existence$2.00
Mala SangreRide the WindEPThreat to Existence$2.00
Male BondageIndianapolis 2012EPself$1.00
MalefactionA Defining MomentEPDenied a Custom$1.00
MalefactionDivisionsEPCommode Recs$1.00
Mallet Heads/tLPOld Nick$3.00
Man vs HumanityAnti Imperialist Culture SoundEPself$2.00
Mandatory Marathons/tEPAmendment Recs$2.00
ManDingoAll the Songs...EPDr. Strange Recs$1.00
Manipulations/tEPSorry State$2.00
Manipulations/tEPFashionable Idiots$2.00
Manipulations/tEPSorry State$2.00
Manipulations/tEPFashionable Idiots$1.00
Mapc 69s/tLPRetro Trasher Recs$5.00
MarrowOf Slaughter and SlimeEPHPGD Productions$2.00
Marvin Berry and the New Sounds/tEPFreedom school$2.00
Mass Genocide Process / Alamogordos/tEPImpregnate Noise Lab.$1.00
Mass Genocide Process / See You In HellsplitEP$2.00
Mass Separation / Dregs of HumanitysplitEPNuclear BBQ Party$1.00
Massgrave / Warfair?splitEP$1.00
Masslakts/tEPHepatit D$2.00
Masslakts/tEPHepatit D$2.00
Max Levine Ensemble/Operation Cliff ClavensplitEPP.I.X.$2.00
Max Ward / ScrotumssplitEPself$1.00
Mayday!s/tEPFeral Kid$1.00
McVeighs / Fear of Reprisalsplit epEP$1.00
Mecca Normals/tEPJettison$2.00
Media BlitzNo RegretsEPself$1.00
Medication TimeOne Free Miracle TicketLPRuinous Recs$5.00
MeleeOne Way Dead EndEPLenguArmada$1.00
Meleethe Cancer KidsEPEndless Knot$1.00
Melee / Cancer Kidssplit epEP$1.00
Men's Recovery ProjectNormal ManEPGravity Recs$3.00
Mental RescueA New Age of TerrorEPself$1.00
Middle Americas/tEPScavenger of Death$1.00
Middle Americas/tEPHome Invasion$1.00
Midnite BrainCleansing WaveEPself$1.00
MigraineWeird TalesEPself$2.00
Mihoen!s/tEPTrabuc Recs$2.00
Millenial ReignBones Dust NothingEPA389 Recordings$1.00
Mind Crashs/tLPself$5.00
MineTetanusLPCommon Cause$3.00
Mishaps/tEPSocial Napalm$1.00
Missing 23rd, theThe Powers That BeLPMankind$3.00
Mockets/tEPUp recs$1.00
Moderat Lividations/tEPDolores Recs$5.00
Molten LavaSevens and NinesLPHarvest King$4.00
Monikers / the UrchinsplitEPSalinas Recs$1.00
Monster Xs/tEPDysgusher, etc$1.00
Monster X / Human GreedHater of GodEPHater of God$2.00
Monuent to ThievesAnyone But YouEPNo Sleep$2.00
Monument to ThievesAnyone but YouEPNo Sleep Records$1.00
MortarblastDo They Care?EPDisobey Recs$1.00
Morte Paura / SiniterrorsplitEPProduction for Social Change$1.00
MourningsideConfessions of DisbeliefEPHard Press$1.00
Mrtek / KelutsplitLPZegema Beach Recs$4.00
Mrtva Budoucnoust / Pangs of RemorsesplitEPselt$1.00
Much WorseProper ExecuteEPPass Judgement$1.00
Much WorseAbsolute NightmareEPNo Way$2.00
Mugres/tEPlengua armada$2.00
Mulltutes/tLPHeart First$5.00
Multi Facets/tEPCampground Recs$2.00
Mundo MuertoRompe el SilencioEPself$2.00
Murder Disco Xs/tEPDiscodancer$1.00
Murder Suicide PactLobotomy KitEPBurrito Recs$1.00
Murder Suicide PactLobotomy KitEPBurrito Recs$1.00
Mutinys/tEPSeven Lucky$1.00
My Cold Embrace / The Uncurbed FamilysplitEPPower It Up Recs$2.00
My Minds Mines/tEPViolent Headache$1.00
My Own Lies / BetercoresplitEPPeculio Discos$1.00
Myth of Progresss/tLPMundo En Kaos$5.00
Naked AggressionThey Can't Get Me DownEPStay Discontent$2.00
Narrowss/tEPDeath Wish$2.00
National GuardStar Spangled Losers!EPself$2.00
Nazi DustWretchec HourLPVinyl Rites$3.00
Neckties Make Me Nervouss/tEPTiger Force Ultra$1.00
NeelestickWelcome to Planet WorkEPSmack in the Mouth$1.00
Negative Step / RedrumsplitEP$1.00
Nemas/tEPCouncil Recs, etc$2.00
NemaBring Our Curses HomeLPSound Pollution$6.00
Neon King Kongs/tEP$1.00
Nervous BreakdownJoin the ArmyEPself$1.00
Nervous BreakdownJoin the ArmyEPGive Praise$2.00
Nervous ChristiansFrom Insults to InjuryEPNational Dust$2.00
Nervous Nervouss/tLPself$5.00
New Bruises/ O PioneerssplitEPUnder the Influence$1.00
New Found GloryListen to Your FriendsEPEpitaph / Bridge Nine$3.00
New Found GloryTip fo the Iceburg (picture disc)EPBridge Nine$3.00
New Granadas/tEPCouncil Recs$1.00
Nightbringer31st and MichiganEP$1.00
NightbringerFight Like HellEPself$1.00
Nightbringers/tEPHigh Anxiety$1.00
Nightbringers/tEPHigh Anxiety$1.00
Nine CurveCrossover Thrash InsanityEPSix Two Five$1.00
Nixon FlatHistory of Organized CrimeEPSonic Recollections$2.00
No ClassCease and DesistEPUn-Yelliman Recs$1.00
No ConformeFeeling of DestructionEPJornalero Recs, etc$1.00
No ContestWhere Do We Go From Here?EPSlaughterhouse Recs$1.00
No HeroesWe Ain't No HerosEPBlind Spot Recs$1.00
No HeroesWe Ain't No HerosEPBlind Spot Recs$2.00
No I.D.Preaching to the ConvertedEPFunai Recs$2.00
No Man's SlaveSiege MentalityEPGive Praise Recs$1.00
No Man's Slave / I Resignsplit epEP$1.00
No OppressionWhat Destroys YouEPCreative Conscience etc$1.00
No Parades/tEPPartners in Crime$2.00
No Parades/tEPPartners in Crime$2.00
No Qualms...Own?EPSTLN$1.00
No RestSuportar A DorLPKamaset Lefyt$3.00
No RightsR.I.P. StoneyEPDead by 23$1.00
No SloganNational ThreatEPSouthkore Recs$2.00
No SloganNo Pasaran - Obreros Al PoderEPA Wrench In The Gears$1.00
No Time LeftZero Effort SolutionEPThird Party recs$2.00
No Tomorrow / Oil TankersplitLPProfane Existence$5.00
No Tomorrow / Oil TankersplitLPProfane Existence$5.00
Noisome Faugh / Flight 800Patriotism Action splitEPRecords Not Excuses$1.00
Noll KompetenzBack to BasicsEPself$1.00
Nomoss/tLPDeranged Recs$5.00
Non Fiction NoisContaminacion MundialEPSouthkore Recs$1.00
NotchesNew Kinda LoveLPDead Broke Recs$5.00
Nuclear Addicts / ResidualasplitEPLife of Strife$1.00
Nuclear Addicts / ResidualssplitEPLife of Strife Recs$2.00
Nuclear Addicts / the ResidualssplitEPLife of Strife$1.00
Nuclear Exposure / No TomorrowsplitEP$2.00
Nuclear Springs/tLPHysteria$4.00
OblivionationCult of Culture epEPMan In Decline recs$2.00
ÓdioSolidão e ConflitoEP$2.00
Off With Their HeadsTrying to BreatheEPEpitaph$2.00
Off With Their HeadsHi Five for the RaptureEPFashionable Idiots$1.00
Old LinesThe People Want to Overthrow the RegimeLPself$4.00
Olhode Gato / Lomb. . .Visions of War. . . splitEPTerrorotten Recs$1.00
Omaisuus VahinkoSolidaarisuusEPRoku / Ratbite / Property Damage$2.00
One by OneAtrapadas En El Fascista Planeta TierraEPFlat Earth$2.00
One by OneFightEPFlat Earth & Nabate$1.00
One by OneFightEPNabate$1.00
One by Ones/tLPWords of Warning$5.00
One Leaf / The ThumbssplitEPSnuffy Smile$2.00
One Reason / The BecauseYou Do No Pay, splitEPSalinas Recs$1.00
Onion Flavored RingsFunnyEPThrillhouse Recs$2.00
Onion Flavored Ringss/tEPThrillhouse$1.00
Onion Flavored Rings / The Future VirginssplitEP1.2.3.4 Go recs$2.00
OperationDestruktiv . . .LPself$4.00
Operation Eat Shit / Yous Souf TodaysplitEPWee Wee$1.00
Operation: Cliff ClavinTop SecretEPPlan It X$1.00
Opposition RisingAftermathmaticsLPTank Crimes, etc etc$5.00
Orokus/tEPNew Audio Terror$3.00
Oscksen / Wake the MachinessplitEP$2.00
OsmantikosKeep Fighting Oppressive ConditionsEPBacon Towne$2.00
OsmantikosKeep Fighting Oppressive ConditionsEPBacon Towne$2.00
OtophobiaSource of ConfusionEPBurrito Recs$1.00
OtophobiaSource of ConfusionEPBurrito Recs$2.00
Otophobia / Reason of InsanitysplitEPBurrito Recs$1.00
Out of VogueChewed Up Spit OutEPThe World is Square$1.00
Overmars Icoss/tEPAlerta Antifascista$2.00
Ox BakerRaped OxEPSounds of Betrayal$1.00
PackBooze for FutureEPRinderherz Recs$2.00
Pack / S.O.L.splitLPKamaset Lefyt$5.00
PaindriverThe Truth...EPSound Pollution$2.00
PaindriverThis has No EndLPTrash Art$5.00
PandamoniumBring That ShitEPOne Percent$2.00
PanzramA New Mental Disorder for Youth in DisapprovalEPDrugged Conscience$2.00
Panzram / ShopperssplitEPIFB Recs$1.00
PaperPlaneCrashRemekLPIFB Recs etc$4.00
ParadoxStrangulation epEP$1.00
ParasolScoot OverEPNervous Nelly$2.00
Party Forces/tEPself$2.00
Path of Destructions/tEPSin Fronteras$1.00
PauseLovenomEPFight Recs$2.00
PawnForcefed to StarveEPProgrammin From Conceptoin to Serve$1.00
PawnGuerrilla IntentEPAlienation Headquarters$1.00
PCP RoadblockLive in California!EPWet Tail$1.00
PedestriansWhy Kill What's Dead ...EPSouthkore$2.00
Pelican / Playing EnemysplitEPHawthorne St Recs$2.00
Penetration PanthersPerpetual 80'sEPA189$2.00
People BombInvites you to South KoreaEPFin Recs$2.00
Period PainsSpice Girls (Who do you think you are?)EPDamaged Goods$2.00
PermacultureSwallow What You're GivenEPInflammabel material$1.00
Piekto KobietSacrifice Religijna OfiaraEPTutajteraz Recs$2.00
Piekto KobietSacrifice Religijna OfiaraEPTutajteraz Recs$1.00
Pillages/tEPResidue Recs$1.00
Pillss/tEPEstrus Recs$2.00
Pinkerton Thugs / the TroublesplitEPSuburban Voice$1.00
Pinkeyes/tEPMurder Recs$2.00
Pinkeyes/tEPMurder Recs$2.00
Piss PoorStraight to HellLPSound Pollution$5.00
Pity Party / Vacation Bible SchoolSplitEPThis is a Party$2.00
Pizda Maternas/tLPIn Tomb We Trust$4.00
Pizza ODs/tEPself$2.00
Plague DogsIILPWhere's the Pleasure$5.00
Plan Rs/tEPBlind Spot$2.00
Plan Rs/tEPself$2.00
Plan Rs/tEPself$2.00
Plan Rs/tEPBlind Spot$2.00
Planning for Burial / Stress WavesSplitEPNostalgium Directive$1.00
Please Step Out Of The VehicleWeed ControlEP$1.00
Pliants/tEPParade of Spectres$1.00
Pliants/tEPParade of Spectres$1.00
PMRC(Polyphonics for the Modern REnaissance Cannibal)EPMotorchest Recs$2.00
PMRCNeif HeiterEP$1.00
PodsIt's a Bummer About BourbieEPStone Recs$1.00
Point Blanks/tEPNot Like You$2.00
Politikill Incorrects/tEPOutcast Recs$2.00
Pontius PilateThe Kingdom. comEPNew Audio Terror$1.00
Poor ChoiceTeenage Love is BeautifulEPEat the Life$2.00
Poor ChoiceTeenage Love is BeautifulEPEat The Life Recs$1.00
POP 1280Thirteen StepsEPBlind Prophet$2.00
Poser DisposerYou Don't CountEPUnrest Recs$1.00
Pound of FleshCry From the PeopleEPRinderherz$2.00
POW.Party TimeEPProduct of Waste$2.00
Power if PoisonIf Not Us... Who? . .. .EPBong Recs etc$2.00
Pricks / SproutssplitEPRockinbones$2.00
Primal RiteComplex Life of PassionEPGrave Mistake$1.00
Prison Abuses/tLPPankiller$3.00
Prisoner / WitchcakeSplitEPDead Broke Recs$2.00
Project HopelessFTP / Av Hela Mitt HjartaEP$2.00
Project HopelessAv Hela itt HjartaEPs/t$2.00
Protess / Signal LostSplitEPHG Fact$2.00
Protest Stagnations/tEPDissonant Sound$1.00
Protest Stagnations/tEPDissonant Sound$2.00
ProtesteraZora epEP$1.00
ProtesteraZora epEP$1.00
ProtesteraRock n RiotLPSkuld$5.00
ProtesteraKampen Gar VidareLPSkuld$5.00
ProvokedInfant in the Womg of WarfareLPProfane Existence$4.00
Public, the / See You In HellsplitEP$2.00
Puffy Areolas1982: Dishonerable DischargeLPHozac$5.00
Purposes/tLPSpecial Forces Recs$3.00
Purposes/tLPSpecial Forces Recs$3.00
PusHuman GeonocideEP$1.00
R.A.M.B.O.Bring ItLPHavoc$5.00
Race Against TimeDepths of the AntbedEPBurrito Recs$1.00
Race Against Time / Reason of InsanitysplitEPBurrito Recs$2.00
Rad Company / SokThrashpop ep splitEPCincinnati$1.00
RadiationDrugged ConscienceEPR.C.P$1.00
Radical Attack / Talk HardsplitEPMoo Cow Recs$1.00
Radical Attack / Talk HardsplitEPMoo Cow$1.00
Rat Damages/tEPFYBS$2.00
Ratas VaticanoChidoEPValero$1.00
Rational AnimalsPerception Becomes RealityEPCrotchRot Recs, etc$2.00
Rational AnimalsPerception Becomes RealityEPCrotchRot Recs, etc$1.00
Rational Animalss/tEPCowabunga Recs$1.00
Rational AnimalsPerception Becomes RealityEPFeral Kid, etc$1.00
Rational AnimalsPerception Becomes RealityEPFeral Kid, etc$1.00
Rational Animalss/tEPCowabunga recs$1.00
Rational AnthemBread LineEPTraffic Street Recs$3.00
Rational AnthemBread LineEPTraffic Street$3.00
Raw Meats/tEPVinyl Rites$2.00
Raw Meats/tEPVinyl Rites$2.00
Raw NervesMurderers Among UsEPPoisoned Candy Recs$2.00
Raw NervesMurderers Among UsEPPoisoned Candy Recs$2.00
Raw Nervess/tLPInimical Recs$5.00
Re-SistersRiots Not DietsEPSkuld Releases$1.00
Reaction, theRight NowLPStarcleaner$3.00
Ready to Fights/tEPCadmium Sick$1.00
Ready to Fights/tEPCadmium Stick$1.00
Real Shits/tEPMickey Room$2.00
Real Shits/tEPMickeyroom$2.00
Reason of Insanity / El DesmadresplitEPDeath Exclamations$1.00
Rebels AdvocateConsume...EP$1.00
Rebels AdvocateConsumed by ConsumptionEPBuried in Hell$2.00
RectanglesSuspended AnimationEPDiscourage$1.00
RectanglesSuspended AnimationEPDiscourage$1.00
Red # NineNo Hope?LPFarmhouse$3.00
Red MonkeyMake the MomentLPSlampt$3.00
Red ReactionWelcome to the WarzoneLPself$3.00
Red RiverselfEPFermented Chaos Recs$2.00
Red StainDead EndEPSpiral Objective$2.00
RedStain / Demisorsplit EPEP$2.00
RegistratorsImagination WorldEPBroken Rekids$2.00
ReinforceOne if Thug FreeEPUnderestimated$1.00
Religious WarCracked SystemLPHardcore Holocaust$4.00
Resigned to FateTragedy of the CommonsEPself$1.00
Restraineds/tEPGlory Kid Recs$1.00
RetretesAguantando Como PuedaEPPero Pedo$3.00
RetretesAguantando Como PuedaEPWGM, etc$3.00
Revenges/tEPABP Recs$1.00
Rib Cagess/tEPLemon Recs$2.00
RiisteterrorSick Terror meets RiistetytEPHardcore Holocaust$2.00
RiisteterrorSick Terror meets RiistetytEPHardcore Holocaust$2.00
Riistetyt / Sick TerrorRiisteterror - Taabajara Hardcore, splitEPHardcore Holocaust$2.00
Riistetyt / Sick TerrorsplitEPHardcore Holocaust$2.00
Riistetyt / Sick TerrorRiisteterror - Taabajara Hardcore, splitEPHardcore Holocaust$2.00
Riistetyt / Sick TerrorRiisteterror - Taabajara Hardcore, splitEPHardcore Holocaust$1.00
Riistetyt / Sick TerrorRiisteterror - Taabajara Hardcore, splitEPHardcore Holocaust$2.00
Riistytyt / Sick TerrorsplitEPHardcore Holocaust$2.00
Riot Beat ShotDead EmpireEP$2.00
RoomrunnerSuper VagueLPFan Death Recs$3.00
Rot ShitHave You SceneEPself$1.00
RuinDistort/ConfuseEPPutrid Filth Conspiracy$2.00
RuinDistort/ConfuseEPPutrid Filth Conspiracy$2.00
Run With the Hunteds/tLPPanic Recs$5.00
Rye And The CoalitionTeen-Age Dance SessionEP$2.00
Sacred ShockYou're Not With UsLPResidue Recs$5.00
Sad HorsePurple On Purple Makes PurpleLPWater Wing$5.00
Salted CityRebirthEP$2.00
Salted CityRebirthEPself$2.00
Sangre de los PuercosThey Lie We DieEPCries of Pain$1.00
Sangre de los PuercosThey Lie, We DieEPCries of Pain$2.00
SarcasmThe Lowest Form of WitEPTribal War$2.00
Sarcasm / WojczechsplitEPHammer Wurk$2.00
Saties/tEPSurvival Instinct$2.00
SBLC / Bill BondsmensplitEPRust on a Blade$1.00
ScalplockOn Whose Terms?LPSound Pollution$3.00
ScapegracePleadEPFrame Work$1.00
Scarred For LifeIs This the Price of Freedom?EPDespotic Recs$2.00
Scathed / Act of HeresysplitEPself$1.00
SchlongLimpEPVery Small$2.00
Science Projects/tEPNeck Chop Recs$3.00
Scorched Earth PolicyTactics of the LieLPMind Control$5.00
Scorched Earth PolicyTactics of the LieLPMind Control$5.00
Scorneds/tEPSkuld Releases$1.00
Scorneds/tEPDistort Reality$2.00
Scratchabits/tEPEl Sabado$1.00
Screw 32Why Are We So Fucked up ....EPHarvest Recs$1.00
Scum - ?????????????????and stuff like thatEPSka Punk$1.00
Scum AllegianceSan Antonio HC Punk EPunkEP$1.00
Scum Noise / Victims fo GreedsplitEPF.F.T.Label$1.00
Scum Noise / Victims fo GreedsplitEPFFT Label$2.00
Sea of Stormss/tEPIn Vinyl We Trust$2.00
Sea Shepherds/tEP$1.00
Seas Will RiseDisease Is Our RefrainLPMan In Decline$3.00
SeasickEnnuiEPRefuse Recs$3.00
SeasickEnnuiEPRefuse Recs$2.00
SecuricorOnly in DeathEPself$2.00
SecuricorOnly in DeathEPself$2.00
Security ThreatThe Truth is OutLPCivilisation$5.00
Security Threat / Skracks/tEPBad People$2.00
See You In Hells/tEPself$2.00
Seized/IresplitLPFetus Recs$5.00
Self Abuses/tEPSuburban Waste Recs$1.00
Self Abuses/tEPSuburban Waste Recs$1.00
Seraphims/tEPA389 Recordings$2.00
Servitudes/tEPProfane Existence/ Skuld$2.00
Servitudes/tEPProfane Existence/ Skuld$2.00
ServotronMeet Your Mechanical MastersEPSympathy for the Machines$2.00
Servotrons/tEPOne Louder$2.00
Set to Explodes/tEPGrave Mistake$1.00
Seventeenthe WimpsEPIncognito Recs$1.00
Sex PowersDive BombsEPNot Like You$1.00
SFNItching EPEP625$2.00
SHTo Fingre I Kudden . . .EPBad Hair Life$1.00
Shackles Awaits/tEPself$2.00
Shank / Minute ManifestosplitEP$1.00
SharpevilleAt The Late Hours Before the Dawning of Our AbundanceLPMaximum Voice$4.00
Shitfits/tEPVital Communications$2.00
Shore Birdss/tEPself$2.00
Shore Birdss/tEPself$2.00
Shore Birdss/tEPself$2.00
ShorebirdsIt's Gonna Get UglyLPRumbletowne Recs$5.00
Shred Savages/tEPSmall Pool Recs$2.00
Sick Abuse / Reason of Insanitysplit EPEPEminent Domain$1.00
Sick Fixs/tEPThird Party Recs$1.00
Sick Terrors/tEPUndislessed?$2.00
Siervos De NadieA//NarcolepsiaLPDeviance recs, etc, etc$3.00
Signal LostChildren of the WastelandLPPrank Recs$5.00
Signal LostChildren of the WastelandLPPrank Recs$5.00
Signal LostProsthetic ScreamsLPPrank Recs$4.00
SilenceBurning the ProspectEPRight to Refuse, etc$2.00
Silent Eras/tEPSquare One Again$2.00
SilentistThe TunnelEPZum$1.00
Silna Wolas/tEPMalarie Recs$2.00
Silna WolaZero Akceptacji...EPInsane Society Recs$2.00
Sin Remedio / Life in ExilesplitEPMorbid Reality Recs$1.00
Sinking ShipsTenEPRevelation$1.00
Sista Sekundens/tEPP Trash recs, etc$2.00
Six Feet Overs/tEPPanx$2.00
Skate Korpses/tEPPunks Before Profits$2.00
Skull SplitterPund in the NailsEPself$2.00
SKVLTEPHesitation Wound$2.00
Skvlt4 Songs EPEP$2.00
Slain / State of FilthsplitEPEnslaved$1.00
Slapendehonden / I Witnesssplit epEP$1.00
Slave SceneHeaven Only KnowsLPVentriculoperitoneal Sound$3.00
Slavery / How Long?splitEPVeva Recs, etc etc$3.00
Sleep WalkBurning SummerEPMind Disease$1.00
Sleep WalkersRIPEPDead Ideas$2.00
Sleeper CellLiving in a Fucking CellEPself$1.00
Sleeper Cells/tEPPartners in Crime$1.00
Sleeper Cells/tEPPartners in Crime$1.00
Sleeper Cells/tEPPartners in Crime$1.00
Sleeper Cells/tEPself$2.00
Sleeper Cells/tLPPartners in Crime$5.00
Slicess/tEP16 oh$2.00
SlicesStil CruisingLPIron Lung Recs$5.00
SlicesStil CruisingLPIron Lung Recs$5.00
Slight SlappersOver Come PainEPCrust Recs$2.00
SlowsidedownImpractical StrategiesEPExcursion$2.00
Slut River / Off WhitesplitEPSalt Water$1.00
Smash Your Faces/tEPself$2.00
SmutWall of HateEPSmut Rec$2.00
SnakebiteEvery Bad Idea is a Good IdeaEPDon Giovanni Recs$1.00
SneezeGrandma in the TrenchesEPself$1.00
Snuff Rocks/t [vinyl skips]EPStiff Recs$1.00
Snuffed by the Yakuzas/tEPken$1.00
Social CrimeProtest NoiseEPOne Coin / Tribal War$2.00
Social OutcastStruggleEPDing Dong Ditch, etc$2.00
Social OutcastTV CasualtiesEPBitter Youth Org$2.00
Social Outcast / Jesus ChrustsplitEPTribal War$2.00
SocialcideBurn in Hell, BundyEPKangaroo recs, etc$2.00
Socialized CrucifixionMore Than a GlanceEPNew Eden Recs$2.00
Socialized CrucifixionMore Than a GlanceEPNew Eden$1.00
Society of Friends aka The Quakerss/tEPMortville Recs$1.00
Soda PopiumFuckum YouiumEPBad Monkey$1.00
Soft CheekNot Just a DemonstrationEPLumpy Recs$1.00
Soiled Dovess/tEPKing of the Monsters$1.00
SolutionsLife of JoyLP$4.00
Sorrowers/tEPBuried in Hell$2.00
Sorrower / Voice of HumanitysplitEP$2.00
Soul CraftAbsolute SuspicionLPPutrid Filth Conspiracy$3.00
Sound Bite House / Youth Gone MadsplitEPMoving Target$2.00
Sound Like ShitOnce Upon the MetalEPSix Weeks$2.00
Spawn SacsAssholes of the NightEPself$2.00
Speed Killss/tEPFast n Loud$2.00
Spes Ereptas/tEPwe recs, etc etc$2.00
Spinebreaks/tEPHell Near Recs$1.00
Spirits of the Red Citys/tEPself$2.00
Spitting TeethDon't Believe the HypeEPHavoc$1.00
Spring Break / Zombie RitualsplitEPInimical Recs$2.00
SSPTen ElementsEPself$1.00
StackMondonervaktionEPCrust Recs$2.00
Stakeout, theOn The RunLPDeranged Recs$5.00
State of the Unions/tEPProfane Existence$1.00
State of the Unions/tLPProfane Existence / Skuld$4.00
Static RadioOne for the Good GuysEPChunk Saah$2.00
Stay Golds/tEPIncision Recs$1.00
Stellite CityScratches In the NightLPself$5.00
StenchMoral DebaucheryEPPuke n Vomit$2.00
StisismBacon Man b/w Traffic ManEPIntensive Scare Recs$2.00
Stockholm PigsBanned in StockholmEPDods UppsValld Productions$1.00
Stockholm PigsBanned in StockholmEPDods UppsValld Productions$2.00
Storm the Towers/tEPHoney Bear$1.00
Straight Jacketthe Loudest VoiceEPDead Rock Recs$2.00
Straight jacket / Shock NagasakisplitEPTKO Recs$1.00
Straight No Chasers/tEPAllergic to Fun$1.00
Straight to Hells/tEPDead Alive$1.00
Strait JacketWon't Say SorryEPTKO Recs$2.00
Straitjacketthe Loudest VoiceEPDead Rock Recs$2.00
Street Eaterspicture discEPashby and shattuc promo$1.00
Street EatersBlood . Muscles . BonesLPNervous Intent$5.00
Striking Distances/tEPVicious Circle Recs$1.00
String Ups/tEPBlazing Guns$2.00
Strong IntentionEach Day Lived... an act of defianceEPSix Weeks recs$1.00
Strong IntentionEach Day...EPSix Weeks$1.00
SubmachineSex DeterrentEPRust Recs$2.00
SubmachineVMLive - 7/7/94EPLookout Recs$2.00
Submachine / Blanks 77splitEPSix Weeks$2.00
Submission HoldSakeLPHopscotch Recs$3.00
Submitted for ApprovalRejectedEPPolitically Corrupt$1.00
SubsLook Busy Do NothingEPCowabunga Recs$2.00
Subsistencia / Terminal DysentarysplitEPPeace Thru Grind$2.00
Substandardconsuming need . . . consuming greedEPInflammable Materials$2.00
Substandard / NervessplitEPInflammable Materials$2.00
Substandard / NervessplitEPInflammable Materials$2.00
Suburban Death MachineFuck the Scene, We'reEP$1.00
Suckcess / NeckbeerdsplitEPNorth Core Recs, etc$1.00
Suffers/tEPCrust recs$1.00
Suffers/tEPFlat Earth$1.00
Suicide Partys/tEPPolitically Corrupt$1.00
Suicide PartyYou're All Invited...EPDead Alive$1.00
Sunset Riderss/tEPSuburban Waste Recs$1.00
Sunset Riderss/tEPSuburban Waste Recs$1.00
Sunshine ss / Teen ChoicessplitEPFor the Kids$2.00
Superbad / RoskoppsplitEP50303grind, etc$2.00
Suppression / MisopsychiasplitEP$2.00
Sweet Teas/tEPFat Possom Recs$2.00
Team DreschJody Knew the ScoreEPKill Rock Stars$2.00
Technicolor Teeths/tEPself$2.00
TecumsehLPBlack Horizons$5.00
Teenage Nightwars/tEPLemon Session$1.00
Teh Eegoss/tEPFelony Fidelity$2.00
Teh Inevitable Fear of ExistenceFull of ?????????EPGTR$2.00
Terminuss/tEPCampary Recs$2.00
Terrible Twoss/tEPLemon Session$1.00
Terror Level RedLostEPself$2.00
Thank GodIce/AgeLPExotic Fever$5.00
The Adversary Workerss/tEPNo Wire Recs$1.00
The AngelAssasinsqEPHymnal Sound$1.00
The Answer Lies / TulsaSplitEPBig Raccoon Records$2.00
The Answer Lies / TulsaSplitEPBig Raccoon Records$1.00
The AwakeningThe Final FeastEPBehold the Youthquake$2.00
The Awakening / Virginia Black LungsplitEPEd Walters$1.00
The Beatingss/tEPSnack Attack Recs$1.00
The BloodclotsChaos Day is Almost HereEPOutcast Recs$2.00
The BloodclotsChaos Dea is Almost HereEPOutcast$2.00
The BloodclotsChaos Day is Almost HereEPOutcast$1.00
The BristlesGeneration AnnihilationEPBeer City$2.00
The Bristless/tEPBeer City$2.00
The BristlesThis Bombs for YouEPPelado Recs;$2.00
The Brokedowns / Vacation Bible SchoolSplitEPIt’s Alive Recs$2.00
The BugHumbugEP$1.00
The CarrierNo Love Can Save MeEPDeathwish$1.00
The Commonwealth / Corporate Death SquadsplieEPBlack Spring Project$1.00
The Communions/tEPMidnight Sea Recs$2.00
The Communions/tEPMidnight Sea Recs$2.00
the Connie Dungs / Operatio Cliff ClavinsplitEPPlan It X Recs$1.00
The CountRomance in ReverbEPCount Recs$2.00
The Crunky KidsHardcore Malarky For Sure!!EPMotorchest Records$1.00
the Crunky KidsHardcore Malarky for SureEPMotorchest Recs$1.00
the Cuffs. the VigilantessplitEPFlat Recs$2.00
The CupritsThursday Night HardcoreEPBlid Spot$1.00
The CystsPublic ReleaseEPEollan Recs$1.00
the CystsPublic ReleaseEPEolian Recs$2.00
The Dead Oness/tEPGloom Recs$1.00
The Dead Oness/tEPGloom Recs$1.00
the DiskordsPink PalaceEPDirtnap$2.00
The DissimilarsLand MineEPPlastic Idol Recs$2.00
the Dissimilars / Slab CitysplitEPGreen Door$2.00
The Dread / God SquadLast Great American Sideshow, splitEPSix Weeks$2.00
The DroidsJabede Bardzo DobryEPPower Ground$2.00
the DroidsMoja Kochana Mamusia..EPBeer City$2.00
the EndKiller ApplicationEPself$1.00
The EndsNew RomeEPDirt Nap$2.00
the FedsClassfiedEPDr Strange$2.00
the Festival of Dead Deer / The Crimson CursesplitEPThree One$2.00
The Final PlanDead End NightsEPDead by 23$2.00
The ForeheadsThe Nazis from MarsEPRaw Sugar$2.00
the Fresh and OnlysSecond One to KnowEP$1.00
The Fur CoatsDon’t Make Me BegEPDirt Cult Recs$2.00
The Fuse!Breaker!EPIn the Red$2.00
the GOPEngland SucksEPBlind Spot$2.00
The Grave RobbersResurrection TimeEPAlienated$2.00
The Great Clearing Off / The Sound of FailuresplitEPSea of Steel$1.00
The Hal Al ShedadThe Sounds of Swords ClashingEPConcurrent/Stick Figure$1.00
the HentchmenGreater True RockEPItaly Recs$1.00
the HentchmenGreater True RockEPItaly Recs$1.00
the Hi-Fives / the SmugglerssplitEPMint and Lookout$1.00
The Horrible CrowsRecords Store Day 7"EPSide One Dummy$2.00
the Hydeoutss/tEPPaul Garner$1.00
The Inimitable Formby ChannelEPNoisepunk$2.00
The Innocentss/tEPJonny Cat$2.00
The Insultss/tEPBlue Swan$2.00
The Jurys/tEPPlank$1.00
The KickzDown and OutEPPelado Recs$2.00
The KickzOne DayEPMortville$2.00
The Killerss/tEPEvil Noise$1.00
The Ladiess/tEPGrave Mistake$2.00
the Makeout Party!KapowEPKapow$2.00
The Mens/tEPKarmic Swamp$2.00
the Missing 23rds/tEPIF Recs$2.00
The Murder Disco Experiences/tEPDiscodancer$1.00
The Murdererss/tEPHavoc$1.00
the Nervouss/tEPNervous Recs$2.00
The New York Rel-xNo Way OutEPTKO Recs$3.00
the ObliteratedInsanityEPConsensus Reality$1.00
the ObliteratedInsanityEPConsensus Reality$2.00
the People's WarMaking EnemiesEPCoalition Recs$2.00
the PiranhasGarbage CanEPTom Perkins Recs$2.00
the Piranhass/tEPRocknroll Blitzkrieg$2.00
the PogoPolice War epEPLoud Punk$2.00
the ProfitsDying for DollarsEPRodent Popsicle$2.00
The Public / See You In HellSplitEPself?$1.00
the RicketsDestroy OlympiaEPK recs$1.00
the RicketsI Can't Find My BeerEPBeer City$1.00
the Scarlet Letter... You Are DumbEPAlone recs$1.00
the Scarlet Letters/tEPHater of God$1.00
the Scarred / Void ControlsplitEPself$2.00
The Shemps / Hell and BacksplitEPself$1.00
the SkudsMillions of DeadEP$2.00
the Skudss/tEPVex, etc$2.00
the Skuds / Revolutionary YouthsplitEP$2.00
The SnailsdemosEPNeck Chop Records$2.00
the SparkFashion Rats and Status WhoresEPMike Fitzgerald Recs$1.00
The SpinanesSpitfireEPSub Pop$2.00
the StatisticsHateEPRodent Popsicle$2.00
the StatisticsNo ControlEPRodent Popsicle$2.00
the Statisticss/tEPself$1.00
The Stopss/tEPResidue Recs$2.00
The Strangers/tEPLumpy Recs$2.00
the StruggleHopeless NightsEPFNS$1.00
the Struggle Buggiess/tEPSlave 1 Recs$1.00
the Tangled LinesWash the Shit OffEPPunks Before Profits$1.00
The ThumbsSprague Dawley RatsEPSneezeguard$2.00
The Total Ends/tEPthe End$2.00
The Union ElectricThylacineEPPoetry Scores$2.00
The Wardens/tEPLumpy Recs$2.00
The WerntBarking Spider epEPChocolate Roberts$1.00
The Winks2004 TourEPSuper Secret Recs$2.00
The YPyzza TymeEPSooo Intense Recs$2.00
The Young4 SongsEPCriminal IQ$2.00
The Young4 SongsEPCriminal IQ$2.00
the Youngs/tEPself$2.00
The YouthsGenerationlessEPRegulator Recs, etc$1.00
The Youthss/tEPCriminal IQ Recs$2.00
TheivesPositive VibrationsEPSuburbanite Recs$1.00
They LiveblurredEPTooth Decay$1.00
Thin The HerdMournful and OvercastLPA Wrench in the Gears$3.00
Think FastIn the Name of FunEPCoughing Up Recs$2.00
This Computer Killss/tEPSedition Recs$1.00
This Machine KillsNoise RemixEPHand Held Art?$1.00
This Machine KillsOn The MoveEPCoalition$2.00
This Time AroundWhats in Your Heart?EPSell Our Souls recs$2.00
This Time TomorrowThe LearningEPNew Eden recs$3.00
Those Poor Bastardss/tEPReiterate Recs$2.00
Those Poor Bastardss/tEPReiterate recs$1.00
Thrive and Decays/tEPHolo of Flies, etc etc$2.00
Till DeathThe World You CreatedEPNeuromechanix Recs$2.00
Tir AsleenOregon TrailEPMotherland Collective$1.00
To Hell and Backs/tEPCoalition Recs$1.00
To What End?And History Repeats ItselfEPYellow Dog$1.00
To What End?and History Repeats ItselfEPYellow Dog$2.00
To What End?Concealed Below the SurfaceLPYellow Dog Recs$5.00
To What End? / Witch HuntsplitEPFinal Attempt$2.00
TolshockHeritage of ViolenceEPFarewell Recs, etc$2.00
Tom McTighes/tEPLazy Eye$1.00
Torcha Sheds/tEPPuke n Vomit$2.00
Total FuryCommited to the CoreEPYouth Attack$1.00
Total Verlusts/tLPself$3.00
Total Wrecks/tEPAbsent Recs$1.00
Totalt Javla MorkerIndustri, Betong Och Salda SjalarEPCommunichaos Media, etc$2.00
Totalt Javla MorkerThey Ffear the ReclaimEP$2.00
TotuusLisaa LaulugaEPFight Recs$2.00
Tourettes Lautrecs/tEPself$1.00
Toxic NarcoticHad it ComingEPRodent Popsicle$2.00
Toxic Narcotic / Whorehouse of RepresentativessplitEPRodent Popsicle$2.00
Toys That KillFlysEPAsian Man Recs$2.00
Tracy Bryants/tEPVolar$1.00
TriacThe Karma Payment PlanEPChaotic Noise$1.00
TriggersGasolineEPVinyl Warning$4.00
TriggersGasolineEPVinyl Waring$1.00
TriggersGasolineEPVinyl Warning$1.00
Trouble In Mindfresh and onlysEP$1.00
TsunamiThe Heart's TremeleLPSimple$3.00
Tuberss/tLPBakery Outlet$3.00
Tumult / GomorrhasplitEPAnomie, etc$1.00
Tuomiopaivan LapsetVastusta Tai PakeneEPConsensus Reality Recs$2.00
Tuxedo KillersM.Night Shyamalan'sEPFurnature Recs$1.00
Twenty Third ChapterAstringent Mask epEPMoo Cow$1.00
Twenty Third Chapter / FMDsplitEPTamerlane$2.00
Tyradess/tEPSmartguy Recs$2.00
U.T.D.Solo SilenzioEP$2.00
U.X. Vileheadsfirds epEPDeranged Recs$2.00
UnamusedHaven't You Been DeceivedLPAllied$5.00
Under PressureHabitsEPSound Pollution$1.00
Under PressureHabitsEPSound Pollution$2.00
Unfair FightWe Are the DeadEPCrucial 45 Recs$2.00
UnionAnaesthetizedEPTribal War$2.00
UNKNOWN - Mystery recordSpray Painted rat coverEP$1.00
Unlearns/tLPDeranged Recs$5.00
Until the Ends/tEPEqual Vision$2.00
UrkoThrash It UpEPInflamable Material$1.00
US Maples/tEPSkin Graft$1.00
USV (United Super Villians)EscapistEPHavoc Recs$2.00
USV (United Super Villians)EscapistEPHavoc Recs$1.00
UtopiaNieeLPTrujaca Fala$5.00
Utter Failures/tEPMessner etc$1.00
UWT (Useless Wooden Toys)s/tEPDYL Recs$1.00
UWT (Useless Wooden Toys)s/t limitedEPDYL Recs$2.00
V/AOne Kind Word Comp, Vol 2EPCycle Recs$2.00
V/ADrunk and DisorderlyEPPunkrock Recs$2.00
V/AAnother One Dead ..EP$1.00
V/ADamned For All Time Vol 1EPNational Dust Recs$2.00
V/AThe 187 CompEPLame Recs$1.00
V/ADamned For All Time vol 2EPNaitonal Dust$2.00
V/ADie Human Race (flexi)EPProfane Existence / Skuld$2.00
V/AUnforseen DisastersEPPassive Fist$2.00
V/AThe 187 CompEPLame Recs$1.00
V/AThe World Is a Lonely PlaceEPHeart First Recs$2.00
V/ADie Human Race (flexi)EPProfane Existence / Skuld$1.00
V/ADamned For All Time Vol 1EPNational Dust Recs$1.00
V/ADamned For All Time Vol 1EPNational Dust Recs$2.00
V/AFMDCS Canal Sud 92.6 FMEPPanx$1.00
V/AThis is Kangaroo Not BerkeleyEPKangaroo Recs$2.00
V/AHepati D. CompEP$2.00
V/AThe World's In ShredsEPShredder Recs$2.00
V/AA Benefit For Reno Food Not BombsEPSix Weeks$1.00
V/AJapan vs ArgentinaEPDeathsickle Recs$1.00
V/AMore Noise by Nice BoysEPExistence Decay, etc$2.00
V/ASquat or RotEPSquat or Rot$2.00
V/ATo Sjort Joe HandelEPUrban Decay, etc, etc$2.00
V/ANuisance CapitaleEP$1.00
V/ATranscendental Maggot - CD CompEPMeconium$1.00
V/AIst Da Wer?EP$1.00
V/ASoutheast Hardcore, Fuck Yeah!EP$2.00
V/ACursed Blessings flexi compEPcmcb flex 02 promo$1.00
V/ACursed Blessings flexi compEPcmcb flex 02 promo$1.00
V/AAbscess Operandi: A Hardcore Punk CompilationLPAborted Societ$4.00
V/AA Force to Be Wreckin WithLPShit Jack Recs$5.00
V/ADecide on Change: a hardcore punk benefit compilationLPMountain Collective$5.00
V/AHalf Assed - Chicago: A Punk Rock CompilationLPJohann's Face Recs, etc$3.00
V/AHerederos Del Odio [off center labels, las songs don't play]LPNo Gods No Masters$5.00
V/AEurope In Decline - A Hardcore Punk Comp.LPSix Weeks$5.00
V/AThe Right to Assemble - Vol. 2LPSour Rebel$5.00
V/a - Vivisection Pt. IIWhy Must We Die For Your Science?EPSpiral Recs$2.00
V/A 2x7" (Chicken, Meatminder, Sourpuss, Whipped)Rush Limbaugh: the way things really ought to beEPThe Labels United$1.00
V/A A U.K. Punk CooperationHeadache, Marker, Polaris, Stalingrad, UnderclassEPCommon Cause$1.00
V/A From the Fox Valley4 Squares, Tricky Dick, Bollweevils, HitmenEPQuincy Shanks$2.00
ValliumFlagelloEPAsylum, etc$2.00
ValliumFlagelloEPAsylum, etc$1.00
VanougerNaughtyEPUgly Pop$1.00
VarvictisPro PatriamoriEPSpin Control, etc$2.00
Vicious IreneDidstorted State of MindLPRuin Nation recs$5.00
Vicious Irene / VeheencesplitLPRuin Nation recs$5.00
VictimNo SalvationEPVictim, etc$2.00
Vile Intents/tEPChoking Hazard$2.00
Vile Naitons/tEPCowabunga Recs$2.00
Virginia Black Lungs/tEPCoalition Recs$1.00
VivisickPunks Were Made Before SoundsEPSound Pollution$2.00
VivisukUS DisatwhoreEPBacon Towne$2.00
Voetseks/tEPDeep Six$2.00
VoetsekTinea CrurisEPSix Weeks$2.00
VoetsekTinea CrurisEPSix Weeks$2.00
VomLive at Surf CityEP$2.00
Vomit LaunchBoltcutters & BeerEPMad Rover$1.00
Voodoo Glow Skullss/tEPDr Strange$2.00
VoorheesWhat You See is What You GetEPCrust Recs$2.00
VoorheesWhat You See is Whay You GetEPCrust Recs$1.00
VoorheesWhat You See is What You GetEPCrust Recs$1.00
Walker / Back of DavesplitEPpolyvinyl$2.00
War Squads/tEPself$1.00
WardanceOrangeEPTribal War$1.00
WarningThere's Nothing LeftLPKick Rock, etc$5.00
WartornAdolf Bushler War BastardEPCrimes Agains Humanity$2.00
Wartorns/tLPSouthern Lord$5.00
Watership Downs/tEPImmigrant Sun$2.00
Wavess/tEPFat Possum Recs$1.00
We Live in Trenchess/tEPInstigate$1.00
We're FuckedDerailEP$1.00
Weaving the Deathbags/tEPHungry Ghosts$2.00
Weed Steeler / Nautical HyperblaseslitEPGive Praise$1.00
Weekend WarriorSe RepiteEPMass Media$1.00
Weekend WarriorSe RepiteEPMass Media$2.00
Weird TVs/tEPPerennial Recs$1.00
WelfareOn a MissionLPDiapazam$3.00
WestonEPGern Blansten$1.00
What Shame? / War TrashsplitEPInjustice of Humanity$1.00
Whatserface / Yankee WusssplitLPself$3.00
Whips/tEPNeck Chop Records$2.00
Whips/tEPNeck Chop$2.00
Whiskey & Sin / 86erssplitEPAngel Fire$3.00
White Fangs/tLPBurger Recs$5.00
White Fangs/tLPBurger Recs$5.00
White Guilts/tEPself$1.00
White Loads/tEPself$2.00
Whole In The HeadReclaim Your FutureEPTadpole, etc$2.00
Whorehouse of RepresentativesIt’s a Corporate World After AllEPUn Yelliman Recs$1.00
Whorehouse of RepresentativesYour Alcohol Taxes at WorkEPSabotage; Earth Recs$1.00
Why Planes Go Downs/tEP$1.00
Wide AnglesSmile MoreLPDirt Cult Recs$3.00
Wide AnglesSmile MoreLPDirt Cult Recs$3.00
Wild Childs/tEPFashionable Idiots$2.00
Wild ChildTexasEPDeranged Recs$1.00
WileyMy MistakesEPBig Dad$2.00
Willing Feets/tEP$1.00
WlochatyBank SwiatowyEPNikt Nic Nie Wie$2.00
Wolfmanglers/tEPShort Forest$2.00
Word SaladElectric FuneralEPPrank$2.00
Word SaladElectric FuneralEPPrank$2.00
Word Salads/tEPself$2.00
Word Salads/tEPself$2.00
Word SaladDeath March 2000LPPrank$3.00
Words That BurnProfits of the ChristEPCrimes Against Humanity$1.00
Words That BurnProfits of the ChristEPCrimes Against Humanity$1.00
World ChaosDer Dan Fur Schichtdlenst . . .EPAntik Orper1$1.00
World ChaosDer Dank Fur Schichtdlanst...EPAnik Orper$2.00
World Downfall / NashgulsplitEPPower It Up$1.00
Woven BonesIn an out and Back AgainLPHozac Recs$2.00
WreckageThis is AmericaEPBusted Heads$2.00
X Ray EyeballsCrystalEPHoZac Recs$1.00
Yankee Wusss/tLPMinistry of Peace Recs$4.00
YankeewussIt Is a Dark TimeEPself$1.00
Young Ginnss/tEPGravity$1.00
Young Governors/tEPCriminal IQ$2.00
Young PioneersWe MarchEPVermiform$1.00
Youth Gone MadIsolationEPVital Music Recs$2.00
Yum Yum TreeRiot Up Your AssEPVital Music$1.00
ZaikaI-IVLPEclipse Recs$4.00
Zero Hours/tEPSpiral Recs$2.00